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Good Advertising Esdiurn, 

eYoted to Local, Mining and General Information. 

C no Collar Per Annum. 



W. B. TOWNSEND, Editor and Proprietor 




od last i 
time p] 

1 Week Jour 
aired at this 
n advance. 
I When the 

STILL LEADSwith the. most complete Stock o± i fodorate d ™ 

cc:. 3 -..r. 

Cigarette Smoking, 

Professor Leaver, M. D. , of Chi- 
cago university, has recently 
certained some very striki 

In one class -numbering one hun- 
dred and forty-seven students he 
found that seventy- seven did not 
use tobacco. When the two divis- 


Big Premiums at Two Fairs. 



the seventy who did use it 
extent of 104 per cent iner< 

The most marked difference vva 
in lung capacity. 

There were also found in the cit; 
of Chicago, between the ages o 
eight and fourteen, in the city] 
schools, five thousand cigarette j 
smokers.*. Not more than four! 

held at Atlarra and Savannah, hare 
been so arranged thafc exhibits may go 
from one to the other, and thus take ad- 
vantage of a double opportunity for 
winning premium, money. A week will 
intervene between the two Fairs, hence 
there will be ample time to take down 
exhibits at Atlanta and reinstall them 
at Savannah in time for the opening of 

Both Fairs cfr'.-i- larrre premiums for 
county and individual exhibits of agri- 

J " 1 cultural produots, livestock, poultry, 

passed i woman's work, fine arts, etc. Our peo- 
. j pie have never before had such a good 
10 tue opportunity for winning substantial cash 
ISO. I premiums. Write for premium list a* 


the money offered. A card ad< 
the "Secretary of the Fair," either 
Atlanta' or Savannah, will Taring the i 
sired information. 



re i I . TIien the ba5? y ■? mostly 

. work. Progress 
irette smoking be- 

I r 

thc pe 



j pension roll. 

I You can't seperate the negro 
j and Ids hounds in Dahloncga mat- 
I tersnqt how high the city council 
i fixes the taxes on dogs. It is res 
j ported- that one here now owns 
j fourteen. The ties are as strong 
j between the colored man and his 
J dog as it is between the mountain 
I moonshiner and his still. 

ly nervous, and fretful, and 
jg doeSn't gain in weight. 

1 1 Scotl's EmuSsion 

They becom n listless and nory- ! I * s the best food and medicine 

ous, cannot keep up their work, | 1 for teething babies. They 

^ . ,-,,ii -U- \\H gam from the start. 

Cannot keep Still While Sitting at I g Send for a free Sampl, 

their desks and become defective in 
sight and hearing. 


were few 

all and examine our st 

; prices, We can suit you. 

j We hoard of Join 

I blind -man residing in \ 

j county, being over at D 

The Dahlonega Drug Co,, 

J. A. HOWARD, Manager, 


Sound Doctrine. 



College Street. 



There is nothing 
able'than manly m 
women, but it is c 
mistake when pa 
their children in th 
are grown or rathe 

throw but Hille restraint around ; new his snbse 

them and allow them all privilege 

of grown up people long before j ;, e<-n ongageu 

id performs 
• which looks 

ers do not reach tin 
out before that time. 

I verily believe every 
board should pass an on 
boys who are addicted toe 
smoking should either quit 
it or stop going to school. 

Teachers should discoui 
every means in their power 
serious and growing evil 
school hov- 

ers in the 
the sinok- 
They drop 





must be l 

Id maintain rigid die 
ist the evil in the home 


a pi i no ] 


< So Nai 


In this life we pass through all I 
the shifting scense of humor and 
pathos, of comedy and tradegy, j 
from the laughing and dancing 
moaning of youth into the shadow J 
evening of old age: The world 
applauds us if we triumph, it 
despises us if we fail. Too often 
it gives the need of praise to its 
benefactors only when thevare uhs 

Emlthy Mothers 

Few mothers are healthy, because 
their duties are 50 e acting. The £-.- let) 
of pregnancy, the shock" of childbirth, 
™d the care of young children, 

Wine of Cardul within her grasp, 
mother — every woman in the land- __ 
pay the debt of persona! health she 
ewes her loved ones. Do you want 
robust health with a!! its privileges and 
pleasures? Wine of Cardui will glv " 


the female organs and invig- 
;ene"9! functions. For every 
female Hi or weakness it is the lest 
medicine made. Ask your druggist for 
$1.00 bottle Wine of Cardui, andiakei 
substitute under any clrcumstanees. 

Mrs. Edwin Crass, Gormer, Mich.. "Wh« 

thank God 'and Wine of CanSC" 



wl t 

) to 

Ukdilowcr 1,0 loll .a 111. 
Jones' Crock 1, tor, p. m. 
Nimblewilj :.;,!) to 115 a. 

?,';;.,! - , ■ 

Martin's Ford 

For 1901. 

It will contain bargains: 

school. \ 
to stay 1 

.uoy 1 

it 1 

when they please, I nacl - 

and if the teacher don't please | I n a short while many peop 

them they quit. Wo believe in giv- will turn their attention in the tl 

ing the children ail the privileges rection of Dahlonega with a vie 

necessary, but the parent should of locating in our midst and the! 

be firm as well as watchful, and is one thing we will caution 01 

guide and direct their young minds real estate owners against, an 

in the ways that are right until j that is not to hold their properf 

their characters arenfirmly mould- I too high. Such as this will injur 

ed. Parents could avoid many bit- | a place more than anything, Pa 

tor heartaches if they would only! ties who wish to purchase do ni 

throw the proper restraint around j like to giye as much for a lot as 

their children while they are grow- j house will cost tbem. Some' ma 

I ing up. It takes this to turn out ! haye only a limited amount c 

I manly men and womanly women, j means and if compelled to give 

j —Italy News-Herald. j big price for a location will bin 

it- u i77; ^ ■ , i nothing left to build with and ft 

it,, b. T. Byan, a practicing phy- 

j sician of DeKalb county, h 

; brought suit against a large nun, - , 

ihe rormcr property was 

by Col. Price and that of th 

: Look 

god him to 

they will be driven away. 

Park street and West End. 


by Prof. Boyd. They placed : 

g a suotch r>>'. 

'."., ■ . ... .. 

' Branch Office. 635 V St.. Washington, D. C. 

that they haye da 

.mount of $10.09. Dr. Bi^ 

,,,,,,,, j • -, , reasonable price on 

ned that they lured a man to 

3 before the grand jury of that ! 
iiy some time ago physicians i 
es who were -practicing medi- ; IJl ' i,t ''\'~° "»» " u y l "£ i" 

wiiaotu hceua.o, and In.-; name „ , l 

'■ ;, ; or the town where property was 

! "' K '"~ uum - j h ]d at higher figures scarcely a 

I lots and the result i 
purchased and nice 

they we 


i be 

It i 

: the 


If you love to ariye, give it. to the 
living, if you have bjessiugs to bes- 
tow, bestow them upon the living. 
None but God can bless the dead. 
Who would not rather have one 
smile to-day than know that a mil- 
lion roses would bo heaped upon 
his coffin, should he die tosmor - 
row? Who would not rather re- 
joice among the flowers of love 
while he lives than to sleep be- 
neath a wilderness of flowers. 

(led speed the day when the spir- 
it of love shall fall upon the world 
like the light of morning until all j 
nations shall burst into laughter j 
and song!— Bob Taylor. 

0. J. LILLY, 
Attorney at Law, 

Dahlonega y 6a ■ 

Attorney at Law, 

Dahlonega, Ga. 


Attorney at Law, 

(Dahlonega, Ga,. 

Physician & Surgeon, 

Ihe Southern railway announces (Dahlonega, Ga. 

that it made arrangements with 
Capt. A. Backmau of Findland for 
the purchase of 10,000 acres of 
hind on the Southern railway in 
Georgia for colonization purposes. 
Capt. Packman's purpose is to aid 
a number of Findlananders who 
are dissatisfied with political con- 
ditions in their country to emigrate 
to Georgia, where his brother, 
Rev. Backmau, an influencential 
minister, will arrange 
for the settlers, it is hoped that 

Finnish settlements along the line 




Th e! Nugg et. 


Oil has been struct right recent- 
ly in Kansas-. 

Options have been secured on 
some North Georgia property by 
parties who wish to prospect for 

There is a possibility that the 
Pacific Railway Co. may construct 
a b»kJge across the Mississippi 
liver to cost $8,000,000. 

Ed. Falls cot Lon Pierce to death 
at Blue Ridge last Saturday at a 
pie nic. Pierce ia a brother of 
Oscar Pierce who killed Lowery 
in North Carolina recently. 

The beat in New York and oth- 
er northern cities has been terrible. 
In New York Saturday 14 persons 
and 200 horses died. The next 
day 11 more people passed away. 
All from the heat. 

Smith Harris, a recent graduate 
of the N. G . A. College, is study- 
ing hard brightening himself up 
on military tactics, preparing to 
stand the examination for an offi- 
cial position in the U. S. army. 

There will be no issue of the De- 
Kalb Standard this week. Bro ^oc^n^al^Hc^^fro, 
Coffee wanted to stop long enough 
to pop a fire cracker on the fourth 
and have time to recover from its 
effects before going to work 

Gold Saving Made Easy 
a New Devise. 

We have heretofore made me: 
of the new gold saving devise, ii 
ted by Mr. Allbright, and this is 
lie says about it 




crushing quartz or any gang matter 
from an auriferous vein is the old style 
stamp mill with the copper plate 

free milling, it is the best process for 
pulverizing the ore for other future 
treatment. But millions of dollars are 
yearly lost by ignoring i he fact that all 
ores cannot be treated by amalgama- 

vvhy this cannoi he don.- and they are:. 

1st, Where the gold is imbedded in 
infinitismal particles in the pyrites of 
iron or sulphurets. 

2nd. Where the gold particles are ox- 
idized, thai- is, where the particles of 
gold are coated with oxide of iron. 

And thirdly (and more often is this 
the case) that the gold particles are so 
small and fine that after they leave the 
battery they are carried off the plate 
by the water without having touched 
the mercury or plate. If such a par- 
ticle happens to be on top of the same 
when it leaves the battery and there is 
no obstruction to its course, it will pass 
off and not be caught, and for this rea- 
son mill men that- are not aware of this 
fact have contrived some obstruction 
by cutting the plates and placing them 
step-like thus lo cause little waterfalls 
and eddys, thereby to disturb the 
straight course for freedom. In all cas- 
es the time allowed the gold particles 
to pass the length of the plate, or 
plates, is too short, for on a straight 
surface like the common amalgamating 
plate there is no obstruction offered, 
no turning or twisting or falling to 
force every particle of pulp and gold to 
touch the plate. The Turtle Shell Gold 
Saver if placed on the plate in proper 
shape which requires no expert to do, 

but can be performed by a ten-year- 
old boy, will so retard, twi ' - 

The Georgia Weekly Press Asso- 
ciation holds its annual meeting in 
Athens 9ih and 10th inst. after 
which they leave for the Pan-A>, 
mericau Exposition. It will be a 
hot trip but plenty of beer will 
keep them cool. 

R. L. Moon of Monroe county 
and Ralph W. Adams of Carroll 
county have been named by State 
School Commissioner G. R. Glenn 
to go to the Philipine Islands in the 
seryiee of the insular at $1,200 
year and trayeling expenses to 

Rev. J. E. Benard, pastor of ; 
the First Baptist Church in Annis- 
ton.Ala., baptised 200 candidates 
by immersion, a few Sundays ago 
in 57 minutes. The revival had 
been running 36 days in which 500 ard. Posse 
were converted. Two years ago ?, f y° ai 
he took charge of this church with 
only 180 members. To-day his 
church has a membership of 800. 
Preacher Benardis differnt fcTSam 
Jones. He has something to show 
for his work, while Sam can't even 
produce a color. 

Valuable Land For Sale. 

I offer for sale the farm known a 
Berry Larmon place on Kimblewi 
creek in Lumpkin county. 'The plac 
contains 280 acres, about one-third be 
ing bottom land. Several houses an 
buildings, and good apple orcl 

nil he 

I will n 

■chase of said farm 

the plate 

contact with the mercury. 

It has been repeatedly shown and 
■moustrafed by the geologists of 
,'orgia and treated of in their reports, 
that there, are many belts of soft de- 
posed auriferous mica-schist, con- 
ing quartz stringers which fre- 
quently carry considerable gold, mak- 
ing the entire gold belt a low grade 
ore body, which, when worked intelli- 
gently and with proper economy, will 
yield a very fair average return. 

While the extravigant idea of flood- 
ing the ore through a flume, from the 
open cut to the mill, can be operated 
at a cost of from 12 to 15 cents per ton 
including the cost of milling; yet so 
much of the gold is lost by this process ; 
unaided by some devise that will re- 
cover and prevent the flour gold to be 
carried off by the water and pass over 
the plates. Now the desideratum has 
been invented and patented and is call- 
ed by the inventor The Turtle Shell 
(fold Saver. 

The mechanism and devise is based 
on scientific principles and any old 

worth, be h( 

Program Lumpkin County 
Teachers' Institute. 

To be held at Court House, Hahlone- 
ga, Ga., July- 8-12, 1901, Prof. Wilber 
Colvin, conductor. 

Mojtday, July 8. 

10 a. m, — Opening exercises. 

11 a. m. — Heading — important — how 
to-develop good reader. V. It. Hicks, 

2 p. m. — Sow to develop good spell- 
er. D. L. Cook. 

2:45 p. m.— How secure more regit- \ 
lar attendance? J. A. Lance.' 

3:30. The ideal teacher described. 
V. A. Higgins. 

Tuesday, July 9. 

9 a. m.— How teach English Gram- 
mar? Miss Lula Higgins. 

11 a. m.— The school the literary and j 

social center of the community. Rev.. ! 

A. F. O'Kelley. ' 

id penmen? | 

I). L. Cook. 

3 p.m.— The educational condition 
in Lumpkin county. Improvements 
needed. How best use what' we have? 
Col. AV. P. Price. 

Wednesday, July 10. 
9 a. m.— How to teach Arithmetic : 

(1) Primary, IT. B. Smith. 

(2) Intermediate, W. I). Seabolf. 
11 a. m.— The personal influence of 

the teacher a factor in the pupil's 
character. Rev. Wallace Rogers. 

.—How to teach (ieography. 

3 p.m.'— The central purpose of 
school train ing- What? -Mrs. P. P« 

Thursday, July 11. 

9 a. m.— How to teach History. J. 
M. Edwards, 

10 a. m — To what extent and how 
would you observe the birthday of dis- 

Notice to Teacheis. 

The Teachers Institute for Lumpkii 
county will be held in Dahlonega, com 
mencing on Monday, July 8, 1901, am 
continue for five days. 'The law re 
quires teachers holding a license to at- 
tend Institutes. All the Lumpkii 
county teachers are- expected to be O) 
hand by 10 o'clock on the above name, 
date. J. J. Skahot.t, C. S. C. 

2 p. i 

M. L. t 

11a. m.-School libraries. 

11:30a. m.— Physical culture in com- 
non schools. Col. R. M. Bryson. 

2 p. m.— School discipline. Why? 

How? V. A. Higgins. 

2:45 p. m. — The importance of thor- 

ighness. Prof. J. W. Boyd. 

3:30 p.m.— To what extent is the 
teacher responsible for the mora I train- 
ing of his pupils? Rev. A. F. O'Kelley 
Friday, July 12. 

9 a. m.— The daily schedule of wort 
in a country school. J. J. Seabolt. 

10 a. m.— A compulsory school 
for Georgia. Rev. Wallace Rogers. 

11 a. m.— The mountain boy and hi: 
sister. Col. R. H. Bakei 

The extreme heat caused the 
deaths of 408 persons in the fols 
lowing cities last Tuesday, New 
York leading, toswit: New York 
155, Now Jersey 100, Philadelphia 
52, Pittsbnrs' 50, Baltimore 23, 
Washington 7, Cleyeland S, St. 
Louis 5, Detroit 4, Chicago §f, Tol- 
edo f>, Cincinnati 2. 

handle i 

V be n 

nine labor 
ritli suce 
world an, 


The Fannin county jail seems to 
be very poorly constr&cted, prison 
ners having bo trouble to escape 
almost at will. Too more men 
gained tberr freedom from it last 
week. It is abont as safe to tie the 
prisoners over there by the leg 
with a string like a June bug as to 
Jock them up in this so called pris- 

«T. B. McKinney has been aps 
pointed cattle inspector for this 
district. Cattle men of North 
Georgia, will do well to see that 
they drire no cattle to Blue Ridge 
that are diseased or infected with 
ticks, as Mr. McKinney is under 
strict orders to seize all suspicion 
cattle, so look out, when buyinj 
for shipping purposcs.-Blne Ridge 


e bell 


f doll; 

W L. Allbhig-ht. 

And this is what we have to say 
i reference to it after having given it 
careful investigation :The possibilities 
and probabilities for this invention are 
The gold mania has taken pos- 
session of the entire world and the 
question how to extract the precious 
ital from its matrexes and gaugues 
puzzling the miner and scientist of 
■day. Nature generally gives hints 
w to solve difficult problems within 

on stated days 
Why? How? v.. 
2:45 p. m.— Do yi 

in touch with cur 

We Want Tc Win! 

Wo are u headed for the 
goal of your approval. 
We'd like to have you 
to wive us a chance to 
win your patronage. We 
have the most complete 
stock, and we keep moy- 
ingtotbe front. We'll 
win, of course; wont you 
help us? 


General Merchandise. 

"We keep on 


At reduced prices and best bargains in town. 

J Barter} T. J. SMlTH, '°StuncL 

Do yo 

essays, &c. ; 
have them' 


itself and in 

ken advantage of w 

e the hint 

-a st fields 

the possibility that 

from a good and cheap gold sa 
vise. The South has many sta 
it will be quite an item to 
mills of Georgia, North Caroli 
bama, South Carolina, Yirgini 
land, but it is the West, N< 
Southwest, South Africa, A 
Canada, Mexico and all of Soul 
ica that will furnish the busbn 
The Black Hills have the Fa 
Smit and the Homes take mine 
which have a thousand sta 

<fudge W. T. Newman has ap- 
pointed Eight- U. S. commis- 
sioners! for a term of four years 
each, commencing last Monday. 
They arc as follows: Thomas R. 
clones of Dalton; R' W. Murphy, 
of Cartersville, E. 0. Kennebrew, 
Athens, John F. Simmons, of Jas- 
per; James B. Oast on, of Gaines- 
ville; Rufe H. Baker of Dahlone 
ga; Buck Candler, of Blairsville. 

i piece, 


e Treadwel 

hat have a hundred sta 
say nothing of thousands of 

nills. It si 

devise will be of special 
small mills that cannot 
would not pay them to 
sive machinery to their 


s that 

ill be 1 
tent by the Allbright Gold S 

Tate, Littlefield ■& Co., 

ELaye Opened Ont\a 



Work NEATLY Done. 

G. D. BRUCE, Gen, Manager 

"Wishes to announce 
To the public that he has a complete line of 

General Merchandise, 

Staple and Fancy Groceries, 
A Specialty. 


(Best Goods, at the Lowest (Prices in Town, 





l|nj |J§ocd4, Jpamihj <fjj|rocerie6, 

Farmers' Supplies, Produce, etc. 

T. S. Littlefield, Gen. Man. 

redid that 
the greatest g(il<! " 

The Westminster (S. C.) Times [ 
gives ail interesting account of Col. 
Sanders, a banker of Gainesyille, 
Ga., who went all the) 4 way *) 
WcstminsterUto attelld the funeral 
of his old Slave-, Berry Sanders. 

After Siviri* what niorioy was nee- \ 'Ve K'aVn'Vftm, a reliable source t.h 

essary to prepare the deceased for the VrtnVn .Mountain people ha 

the grave Mr. 'Sanders walked the ^ i | ./^J", 'wii' ''uu' t1 "' 1U ' W ( 

dusty road for more thau a iriilo in — - — - 

the funeral train, to the last rests' If 3'?u desire to keep posted 

.,,, ,-. . . .. , ft ,»j|-„, the mining operations ot this se 

mg place or tins «. <1 play fellow tion send u3 L $1.00 nud we w 

and servant where he spofce words g ; ve you a correct report for 

of tenderness and commendation of months through the columns 

a life worthy of emulation. the Nugget, 


Dealers in 

liepJlwle, Toil Articles, 

Stationery, Etc 




J. H. Moore, 


FreshM eats, 

Sausage, Etc. 






Country Produce 

— is still.— 



mfacturer of 

Matthews Cougb Syrup, j 

Moore Bros, 


can be bad at any hour 

Good turn out 

The i Nugg 

r, a son-in-Iaw-of Gen. 
here on a visit from 
ipany with his son. 
3erson Jr., wasappoin- 

udminstrator by ord; 


mixed i; 

lify us immcdi- 

■• t'r 


: hi; 

The price paid for corn in Dah - 

and Mrs. M, Chest 

hose duty 'onega varies 


j matter for i 


so that it is 
to keep the fai 
le. times the 
u\ It depends 

o weeks visit t 
The seventeen- n 

of Tom Johnson die 

last Sunday. 

A heavy hail an 

passed through C 

hs-,oJd gill 

1 rain storm 

r big mining trade is on 
Aimpkin county which 
ich for the entire section 


thing to 
most fa> 


new Baptist church, which, 
en completed will end all bap- 
ngs in the creek as has boon the 
torn here ever since the inhabi 
ts of the town. 


ior trc< 



ed to state that j 
olm McDonald, i 

ierson left for his 

i Mr: 

leubin Mo, 

oraciii Atlanta on a 
e gone about a week. 

Donald, will be preached at M 
donia in this county on the second | 
Sunday in August. 

The Gainesville and Dahloni 
Electric Railway Co., have b 

• given 90 days from June 21st, by 
the council of that city in which t 
begin work and 18 months in which 
to complete a street railway sys- 
tem in Gainesville. 

The aged mother of Greely Rob- 
erts, col., died last Monday morns 
iDg after a very short illness. On 
the day previous to her death the old 
Woman dropped the act of 
taking up dinner and never recov- 
ered. Paralysis was the cause. 
She was n good woman and was 
■highly respected by both white and 
The bids for the building of the 

.girls dormitory of the N. G. A. 
College were received by the com- 
mittee and opened last Saturday, 
as follows: J. T. Sargent and Will 
Rickct, $8,995 75; W. H. McAfee, 
$4,970.50. Lewis Keith, $4,992.50; 

-.J. N. DuPree, $5,2(5B-^0O, The 
contract was awarded to Sargent 
aDd Rickets. To be completed by 
1st of January. 

The oath administered in Geor- 
gia to tax payers by receivers is a 
long one, and if an officer was 
elected who stuttered he would 
have to resign on account of being 

s return- 

ittblo to 

man ha 

ret thro 

is. Sucl 

an oath ; 

s it is all bosh. 

It cohsuj 

lesfime ai 

ddoes not help 

to increa 



If a per. 

on means 

to swear a lie 

about his 

retuis he 

iad just as soon 

Rev. Wallace Rogers 
ed after an extended vu 
Ridge and other places. 

Uncle Jonas Soaboid, an old and 
highly respected citizen of this 
county, died first of the week. 

After burning two months and 
twenty days the pine log up near 
Porter Springs is all reduced to 

Miss Pearl Goudlock, one of At- 
lantas most, lovely young ladies, 
has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. 
B. R. Headers. 

A five- foot Coach Whip snake 
was killed by some colored men on 
Dr. Howard's old store house 
porch last Tuesday. 

Rev. Arbuthhot and Mr. Breen, 
of Nashville, are here looking 
around with a view of making an 
investment in the mines. 

Den. Hughes, who used to work 
with City Marshal Harbison in the 
revenue buisness lias been appoin 
ted U. S. Deputy Marshal at Clay 

A post office inspector visited 
this county on special business this 
week — investigating the loss ■ of a 
registered letter which occurred 
some time ago, we suppose. 

J. W. Walker has been appoint- 
ed to act as agent foi the Fitts & 
Brnoksbcr Nursery Co., who wil 
make a thorough canyass in the in 
tcrest of this enter prisms: compa- 

)ke of lightning struck one 
'J of the pipe lines on Grown Moun- 
tain Monday and shocked one of 
the hands siightly. Electric storms 
it to Blue arc frequent and some one is shock- 
ed in Dahlonega nearly 

jail has been reduced to two again 

Bud Black well, charged with as 

sau'lt with intent to murder hay . 

ing made bond last Friday for his tu]] * in J arit * 1)im ' b,lt 

appearance at t ha "" vf <<-»••-" ~* fK " ' to say lhf 

Last £ 
buggy his nor 


ist r 




et last 

week but we failed to get it. He 
directed his; letter to the Signal 
with instructions to hand the notice 
to us, (thinking that they would 
accommodate us like we had them 
with a former notice) but they did 
not see proper to do so. Hereafs 
ter we will ?gb .according to the 
present -golden rule: Do unto 
other as they do. unto us. 

Auraria district had three deaths 
last week, being Mrs. Elizabeth 
Perry, Cal. Wilson and John Chap- 
man-, Mrs. Perry is the wife of 
Mat. Perry who went to Califor- 
nia some forty or fifty years ago 
and is said to still be living. Why 
be never returned we do not know. 
Wilson has lueii troubled with 
dropSy about a year and the poor 
fellow passed away while sitting 
in a chair. And Chapman is a son 
of Bud Chapman who was killed 
down at Birch Bros, boat last year, 
by accident. 

As the Signal man is always 
harping .on having such a big pat- 
ronage and such choice reading 

matter, there i 
better proof. 
posed to lake a 
ize it like they 

way I 
lopie in- 


Col. Farrow was down this week 
with an electrician having his tele- 
phone line to Porter, which was 
damaged by a storm recently, re- 
paired and put in better shape than 
ever before. 

The 12th inst. is our birth day 
and if we live to sec the time wo 
want to put the big pot into the 
little one, kill egg and fry coffee, 
have chicken and dumplings, drink 
spice wood tea and have a big time 

The mail rider brings the news David Mauldin, of Union j 
county, died suddenly from a pain j 
in his side last Tnos 
reath, one of Unions oldest citi- 
izens, also died in that county last 

It was first reported here that 
Fred Bell, son of Mark Bell, was 
killed by lightning at Cleveland 
last, Friday. But wo since learn 
that Col. Joe Underwood's barn 
was struck, his horse killed and its 
owner and one or two others 

Old Uncle Dick Anderson is in 
trouble. He took a bath in the 
ditch last Sunday and forgot to 
take off his specks and the glasses 
that have been guiding him in 
dark places for many long years 
are now somewhere in the bottom 

:a! ca 


their im 
in it. J 
that ihe 


-•. tin 

id i 

t their ad: 
is here kaoi 
i most popt 
r to couviuc 

ers of this fact 
oposiliun to the Signal edi 
owner: We will place in 
e's hands one hundred dol- 
a 'forfeit against $25 and if 
list of 

r.I.W. Wofford, who has been in 
the employ of the Consolidated Co. 
for more than a year left for 
Spring Place, Ga., last Wednesday. 
Mr. Wofford is an engineer and 
was very attentive to his busines. 
He goes away highly recommc 
ed by bis employers and those 1: 
ing business relations with him. 

The 4th was 


;ry quiet here, 
public demonstration took 
of any kind. One of the al- 
3ii had laid in a lot of tire 


ad f 


lake ! the 
left to (the 
icga who U pi 





We met for the first time last 
Monday, J. C. Quillian of the firm 
of Quillian & Bros., Bellton, Ga. 

Mr. Quillian, his wife and Miss 
Rosa, his sister, have just returned 
from an extended trip to the moun- 
tains of North Carolina for the 
purpose of restoring their health. 

The price of corn and fodder in 
Dahlonega for the past few months 
should be an inducement for boys 
to go from the town to the coun 
try instead of leaving the faruiF 
and coming to town. Last Mon-. 
day L. Jackson, of White comity, 
brought a load of a little more than 
500 bundles of fodder which realiz- 
ed him $14. (58. Boys., give more 
attention to farming. 

Out at Hickory Grove last Sun- 
day Charley Longstreet, col., of 
Gainesville, had a row with Joe 
Thompson about Lewella Myers, a 
colored girl of Dahlonega. Charlie 
had rode all the way from Gaines- 
ville to escort the lover of his heart 
to church and when he got here 
her company was engaged to Joe, 
making the disappointed lover so 
mad that, he threw their dinners 
avvay but Joe thought more of the 
gal than dinner, and swung to 

The board of education of Lump- 
kin county met last Tuesday and 
disposed of such business as was 
before it. The schools were or- 
dered to be opened on the 15th. 
R. E. Ward takes charge of the 

?otz school formerly taught, by a 
lady who is now teaching in Dawson 
t.y. J. W. West was appoint- 
ed trustee in place of W. W. Scott, 
deceased, ami the commissioner 
was instructed to issue licenses to 
eleven applicants having stood the 
amination--4 first grade, 4 second 
and 1 third, was about all that was 

me of interest. 

A very euthusistic railroad tnc-ct- 
g was held at the court house 
■Saturday afternoon, at 
quite a large number of 
citizens. Addresses were deliver- 
ed by Gen. Warner, Judge Mur- 
ray and Col. Charters in the inter- 
est of the proposed line, showing 
the great benefits that would be de- 
rived from the enterprise in a nut 
shell so that all could thoroughly 
understand. Gen. Warner said 
ho felt confident that he could get 
northern capitalists interested 
Our citizens were asked to help only 
as far as they feel able, no portion 
of the money being due until the 
line is completed and the cars rail- 
ing on same. Over $4,000 were 
subscribed on the spot, making 
nearly $9,000 already raised, in- 
eluding the amount heretofore subs 
scribed and paid in most of which 
has already been spent in survey- 
ing, etc. .The solicitation of sub- 
scriptions will still bo continued 
and eyery enterprising citizen who 
Las the welfare of his town and 
county at heart is expected to giye 

I something. Of course there are 

j people here like there are in all 
ithcr places, would like to see the 
■oad constructed provided some 
me else will build it, but are too 
aingy to give anything 
iolvos, some of them being 
isted that if they knew f< 
ain that they could ride to 
>y a direct way for 25 cei 

| rather take their chances in 

| a free seat with somebody 

i take it a foot. 

also been reap - j nothing of her rich miner 

Leo Gils | here last 
tended by 

next term of the 
superior court. 

Only those of our citizens, we 
guess, supposed to have any money 
were invited to convene in the 
court house last Friday evening 
for the purpose of hearing Mr. 
Carter, who has just established a 
priyate bank in Dahlonega, ex- 
plain the conduction of one. 

The rain which yisited a por- 
tion of Wahoo district in this 
county last week was very destruc- 
tive. Some of the farmers had 
just finished working out their 
corn when the storm came and 
washed much of it entirely away. 
Fortunately the streak of rain was 

Cot R. H. Baker has again been 
appointodU.S. Commissioner with- 
out opposition. This alone is suf- 
ficient evidence that he has dis- 
charged his duties well and faiths 
fully, treating both friend or foe 
alike while acting in an official -ca- 
pacity. U. S. Deputy Marshal D. 
M. Grizzle 

pointed and the same c 
of him. 

W. H. Courtney, of Pleasant 
Retreat, Ga., whi!e"spcnding a day 
or two in the city last week called 
ed at the Nugget office and 
stregthened the financial condi- 
tion of ye editor by paying for 
two years subscription in advance. 
Mr. Courtney is conducting a 
mine in that county for Judge 
Reeves, of Athens, Ga., and his 
ong practical experience in min- 
ing enables him to get good re- 
st) Its. 

Last Friday morning the citi^ 
Kens in one whole end of Dahlone- 
ga were alarmed by the noise made 
by a certain man and his wife who 
were fighting. We would give 
their names but the matter has not 
reached the courts yet, and are not 
likely to as we believe that it has 
been the custom for the city au- 
thorities to let a woman f^o free 
who has been unfortunate enough 
to get hold of a man for a hus- 
band sc sorry that he can be 
whipped by a female. 

Sheriff Davis in company with 
Will Rice went out into the coun- 
try the J other day and after re- 
maining a couple of days made 

bile Henson 

ling to town in 

ran away, pam 

're glad 

II right 

1 again. 

I Mr. and Mrs. E C. Thomson re- 
I turned from a few days ouiing 
I across the Blue Ridge first of the 
I week where they enfoyed them- 
selves fishing for the beautiful 
speckled trout. 

A horn snake was killed by C. 
N. Head, of this county the other 
day, measuring more than five feet. 
It reached clear across the road 
and was the largest snake of any 
kind ever seen in this county. 

It will be seen by a notice clses 
where that the directors of the G. 
& D. Electric Railway Co. have a 
meeting in August with a view of 
authorizing the issuing of seven 
hundred and fifty-thousand dollars 
worth of 'bonds. 

H. Courtney proposes to 

if it ta 

ces p 







., gen- 



> a 1 


r— li 

ire last 

week m 


in ii 



in ihe 

gold B< 


if I 






. that trie 

y wil 

reap a 


v (I 


t) is 


lay fix- 

ed for 




of the 

Consolidated Co 


ly t 

i meet 

here foi 




o'f authorix- 

izing th 


mig ( 

<f b. 


not to 


givc$l©,000 if the company wil 
extend the electric line up into 
White county. This may be done 
some time in the future as White 
is a good farming county saying 

abundance of. good timber 
splendid water power. 

Asbury Porter and Henry Mote 
bad a little twist up in Yahoola 
district the other day. Porter is a 
miller and Mote had accused him 
of taking too much toll which 
caused the collision, and when the 
former commenced opening his 
pocket knife with his teeth the lat- 
ter tore loose and made a safe res 

John Wehunt was ha the hands 
of the sheriff last 'Saturday for a 
while on a warrant swor out by 
J. T. Miller, of Auraria, charging 
him with getting goods tiuder 
false pretense. As Squire Allen 
was sick and Squire Worley being 
absent and no one haying authori*> 
ty to try him here the 

(exceed $175,000, in order For them 
to go on with their development 
work and settle off all outstand- 
ing claims against the Company. 
The Consolidated Co. nave an 
■opportunity of getting something 
opened up on some of their prop- 
erty if they wish. We heard an 
old native miner say no longer 
than last Saturday If they 
wouftd give him and another man 
one dollar and a half a day each 
that they worM open a vein on 
the .Bari-ow property as good as 
the Findley chute. This looks to 
us like a fair proposition. 

The last clean up at the Cal- 
houn mine was a-splendid one as 
usual. Mr. Whorton Anderson, 
the superintendent, is not work- 
ing itlhe mine for his health ox for 
a show, bmt for the purpose of 
making money which any one visit- 
ing the mine can very readily ace, 
for he has some of the best miners 
in the county — few in number — 
whose experience is worth more 
to their employer than fifty or a 
■hundred of those claiming to be 
miners who have only passed 
through some mining state or sec- 
tion on the ears, 

Mr. Mayne has ceased his pros- 
pecting work in this county and 
the laborers he had employed are 
thinking hard of him because he 
has failed to pay them for their 
work, a boarding house keeper hav- 
ing also been left in the same con- 
ition. No man should endeavor 
to develop gold mines or do any- 
thing else without having money 
to pay his laborers, and we hope 
3lse will ever try it in this 
•county ojgniin. The men were led- 
to believe that they would get 
their money. Now they can't se- 
re it because Mr. Mayne pos- 
sesses nothing in this country, 
nd not veiy much in any other, 
r e don't expect. We like to «ee 

compromised and John went "home j Knglishmei 



Notwithstanding Col. Price has 
ordered his Nogsgiet, and two oth- 
ers paid for by him discontinued 
this week, the paper will still con 
tinue its weekiy visits as hereto' 
fore. The Colonels actions iin this 
matter will have no more effect on 
the progress of the Nugget thi 
the dipping of a persons finger in 

tub of water. While he goes 

all of whom gave : out three times as many 


foond. Soma of the parties lived 

n Dawson county and had got in- 

;o a riot by attending a box sup- 
per in Lumpkin some time ago, 
The parties arrested were, Will 
Mincy, Zeb Mincy, Jim Mincy, 
Alfred Forester, Henry Cain and 
Jack Lingerfelt. All being charg- 
ed with being connected with the 
riot except Lingerfelt. 

Some of the farmers of this 
county are opposed to any railroad 
being built to Dahtoncga because 
they think it will reduce the price 
of their products. They don't take 
into consideration what they 
lose on their produce caused by a 
railroad will be made up in the re^ 
ductioa of goods which they have 
to purchase. Some of you far- 
mers will haul your corn and sell 
it at Dahlonega because you can 
get a good price for it and then 
take the money and go to a rail- 
road town and purchase such artic- 
les as you need in another county ' ceiling in thi 
because you can get them cheaper. 
And a few others charge the corns 
pany as much for a right of way 
through their farms as they re- 
the whole lands for taxes. 
You should look at this question 
serously and do all you can to help 
build up your county. A railroad 

increase the population large- j g"{ 
ly and reduce taxes considerald 

this week as follows: Zeke Black 
stock, John Darker, W. K. P. 
Head, Dahlonega, Ga; C. C. Bick- 
el, Dr. G. W. Low man, Nashville, 
Tonn. ; G. A. Ferguson, Pleasent 
Retreat, Ga.; C. M. Merrick, 
Brighton, Pa.; Henry Dearth, 
New Holland, O.; J. C, Quillian, 
Bellton, Ga. 

- During the storm last Friday 
Mrs. Tilda Findley's residence 

in Dahlonega was struck by light- 
ning and considerably damaged. 
The chimey in the south end was 
destroyed and mirrors of bureaus 
and everything else of this nature 
in two rooms were broke into 
hundreds of pieces except two 
lamps on a table by a water pitchs 
The pitcher was busted and 
the lamps uninjured. Rev. J. E. 
Blackburn had just finished 
paintidiig the up stairs room and sit 
hair to rest when the 

iolt came, knocking off all the 
.aid of the room ex- 
cept two or three pieces. The 
painter was struck by the end of 
a plank on the forehead, cutting a 
gash to the skull about two inches 
long, ■stuuning him so that he 
had to be carried homo in a I 
buggy, but is all right now. Mrs. 
Findley was in the dining room at 
the time and escaped being injurs 
The damages amount to sev- 
ty-live or a hundred dollars. 

enough to 

when they have moi 
■pay their way. 

The Crown Mountain stock has 
©eaarly all been sold, and in a short 
time now the entire plant will be 
in running order. Twenty of the 
stamps of the big mill were al- 
ready in position last Sunday. The 
works of this company are attract- 
ing the attention of the people 
both at home and abroad, and it is 
the universal opinion of all that 
the mine will pay handsome divi- 
dends. They have the most mod- 
ern machinery that can be pro- 
cured, and really it looks like it is 
impossible for the least bit of 
gold to escape, J. L. Davis, a 
placer miner who has made good 
wages in working below some of 
the mills, catching the lost gold, 
said to us last Sunday if he had 
no other place to work except be- 
low the Crown Mountain plant he 
would perish to death. 

Development work down on the 
Standard property still continues 
vith good results under the super- 
vision of Thomas Ray. He open- 
ed up two more good veins last 
week making five he has now for 
inspection running parallel with 
each other which its owners have 
never seen. Mr. Ray is engaged 
this week in cleaning out the old 
Tahloneka shaft in the bottom of 
which is a large vein about eight 
feet thick worth $3 per ton. So 
he says. Mr. Ray has heretofore 
examined it, and certainly knows 
for he has been at work down in 
that neighborhood for the past 
fourteen years, and is the only 
native superintendent the 'Compa- 
ny has kept in it-3 employ. He is 
thoroughly acquainted with the 
formation of the mines and the 
different veins, and earns every 
cent allowe n ' ' 


The Atlanta Constitutio: 
School Offer. 


The Atlanta Constitution has ofs this 
fered to every boy and si 1 ' 1 m j w h 
Georgia, who will secure 100 new 
subscribers to the Daily and Suus 
day Constitution a year's tuition at 
any educational institution ill 
Georgia and $100,00 towards the 
student's expenses for the year. 

This opens every school and 
eMss-room door in the State to 
eycry ambitious boy or girl who 
will take advantage of the propor- 
sitionl The terms arc not beyond 
the reach of one determined to se- 
cure an education. This work will 
be well paid for. One hundred or 
more scholarship are up. The 
cash value represented in 100 such 
scholarship and expenses for one 
year is approximated $25,000. No 
one need lack when such ample 
provision is made. The enterprise 
and liberality of The Constitution 
will be commended and vast good 
will result from the offer. The 
Constitution will furnish full par- 
ticulars on application. 

The iloodcd section of West Vir- 

ginia was visitid by another de- 

structive storm last week. 


Milling k Milling Co. 

The Crown Mountain | 

; ct in the vei'y heai 

Georgia gold belt and is in ! 

ting center oi all the leadi 

veins oi' the Di 

■They embrace what is believed to be 

the mother lode of the Appelachian 


The extensive and rich ore bod- 

ies in sight upon these properties 

assure long continues mining op- 

erations and the indisputable guar- 

antee of the permanent and increas- 

ing value of,, the stock of "The 

Crown Mountain Co." 

The projectors 

were the fk-st U> ■ 

interest in this district in 1896. 

After three years oi careful and ex- 

haustive examination of all the 


as gold producers, and tin 

choice of all, they selected the 

Crown Mountain combm;;.-. 

idfial goldmine oJ tl 


cause they ha 
eis' property exceed I 
whine because some friends have 
died and they arc still living; they 
whine because they have aches and 
aches and 





whine no 

a word to the whining persons: 
First; stop whining, it is no use 
complaining, fretting, finding fault 
and whining, Why, you are- the 
most deluded set of creatures that 
ever lived' Do you know that it 
is well settled principle of physiol- 
ogy and common sense that these 
habits arc more exhaustive to nor- 


almost any 

lation of physiological law? And 
do you know, life is pretty much 
as you make it? You can make it 
bright and sunshiny, or you can 

make jr. dark and shadowy. This 
life is mean t only to discipline us 
—to fit m and purer 

state of I; op whining 

he finished his work, and they are 

soon worthless. The one puts all 

product in fine shape before offer- 

in o- them on the market and se- 

cures a high price. The other 

does not and charges; his loss 

against capital and corporations. 


Further details are unnecessary. 

Anyone can sec the difference. The 

1 >r^ 

wonder is that some 'farmers live at 

1 >>' 

ail. If farming were not the eass 

iest, safest business in the world 

i v 

they would not.— Ex. : 



When the quantity of food taken 

g t~ 

is too large or the quality too rich, 

heartburn is likely to follow, and 
especially so if the digestion lias 
Veil weakened l>v Constipation. Eat 

1 *°^ 

slowly and not too freely of easily 


digested too:. Masticate the food 
thoroughly Let six hours elapse 
between meals and when you feel a 

toi i"< h ftei < it ngindii ating that 

von have eaten too much, take one 

of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver 

Tablets and the heartburn may be 

avoided.' For sale bv lhe Mat- 

thew's durg store. 

\v. W. McAfee and ex.pobce- 


HpHE lion does picket duty for you 
I and prevents adulteration and 
impurity from entering into your pack- 
age of 


When you buy an unbroken package 
of LION COPFEE you have coffee that 
is absolutely pure, strong and invigor- 
ating, A single pound makes 40 cups. 
No other coffee will go so far. You 
will never know what it is like till you 
try it. .LION COFFEE is not a glazed 
compound, but a pure coffee and noth- 
ing but coffee. 

E you will find a fully illustrated and descriptive 

nan, man, boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article 

asss, comfort and convenience, and which they may have by 

wrappers of our one pound sealed 

"<•'■] c? sold). 




At the 
find the followin 

ior Sale* 

r office you will 


Power o 

or Title, 

J. P. , c 
Jnstico's ! 


Affidavit & Bo^ 


ator's Deeds. 

j Country produce oi all kinds, Stationery 
and Notions at prices never before 
heard of in Dahlow 

■Good Advertising Medium. 

VOL. XII— NO 26. 

DsYotsd to Local, Mining and .GewaL&Ibimation. 


One Dollar Per Annan: . 

W.B. TOWNSEND, Editor aadi -Proprietor 





slton for 

■ "Terry and Tern'Shellon," said 
ho yyeetesday, "were brothers. 
Thek father was an educated 
man and a wealthy one, but he 
died in the war and the boys have 
been brought up by their mother." 
She was a horrible vroman-™a 
tigress. Tfee property of the old 
landered and lost, and 

man v\: 
the bo 
They b. 

with o: 




J. P. Moore 

^STILL LEADS wirtli tke most completeHSt©ck o± 

their d 
might be 
One ch 
to Terry' 
there the 
mother < 

1 was 

married, and lived c 
farmes in Cherofo 
Pheir mother lived fir 
,nd then the other. 
s were hard workers .ac 
a trade, so in spite < 
solution habits the 
onsidered as well-to-d 


f tho 

'% 9 Tom went vover 
3, and while he was 

Call and examine our stock and get prices. We can suit you. 

, , -r-v " I,l " n « ■ -■ 

The Dahlonega Drug Co. 

J. A. HOWARD, Manager, 


•College Sti'eet. 




'ine at prices 


Cairied by a North Carlinian 
Who Shot His Brother. 

By request of a lady of Lump- 

rtood in 

the door and watched. Suddenly 
both "sprang- -to -their , feet, Tom 
with a knife and Terry with a pis- 
tol, and an instant later Terry 
'had fired. The ball went through 
Tom's forehead, killing .him bl- 

Terry told this to -the jailer. 

"I "had an empty barrel in that 
•cylinder and -.thought that wovdd 
be the next one -to be struck, i 
intended- to .-snap . that at Tom to 
stop him, and then ?if he came 
further to kill him. 1 didn't in- 
tend to shoot. > It was a mistake, 
and I am net guilty of mi>rder." 

On the trial, however, the old 
woman -swore in Terry's fawr, put 
all the blame on the dead son, .and 
s -a was the a 1 j m mess Tei y 

disease, no skin disease. They 
tried everything they could *to 
save my hair, and to- restore what 
was lost, bat they did no good.'" 

"Do you still do anything for it 

"No,, it is God's own mark and 
God can only take it away. Every- 
where I go now people point mo 
out. Those ;that know me tell 
their' children that f 'killed my 
brother, -and their children will 
tell their children's -children. 
Thosethat don't know mo staTe 
and wonder. Somehow -or other 
it makes people distrust me. 'it 
suppose, until - 1 die. 

itds Gain's - 

"it didn'1 

"No. Hi 
wanders around 

reform -him, then?" 

tries to reform some- 

:dass nc .good. He 

-nd always in 

-try belie 

tie poo 
as firr 


'ough life. The 
that is Cain's 



, lemons. 


:• aid'.'ut- 

ms acqu-ited. 
Three weeks L 

kin co i 

mty we republish an ac- 


: the hairless man of North 


1 which appeared in ; a 

paper 11 

i'l'§88. The man was seen 

! iy a cit 

lzen of this county not 

manv v 

oars ago. Bead it. It will 

>r site came back 
I Terry arrested, 
y had provoked 
hat the murder 



that we are ricrht. 


'Tax R. 

's Notic* 
I will visit the following [ 
the purpose of receiving tax 1: 

Sightowor i, (Holla u:. 
Jones' Creek 1, to o p.. rri. 
NiniblewilJ ± '.) Lo 11 3 a. 1 
Mill Creek 2,' :! to 5 p. m. 
Auraria .' 


s Fowl 

8, 9 to 11 a. na. 
Yahooia 8 ,-j to ;■}. p. in. 
Toiler Springs <). 9 to 11 a. 111. 
Cliestatee, '.),■> to 5 p. m. 
Trogtown 10, 9 toll a, m. 
OmnbvV 10,:; to 5 p. in. 
Dahlonega 11, V2 and 13. 

J. L., T. K. 

Trade Marks 


Copyrights &c. 

Scientific Jfmersc* - 

A. tranasomolyjllustrated weekly. T,nrsro«t fir. 
year j lonr months, $1. Sold i>y all newsdealers. 

MUNN & Co. 36IBroadw ^ Naw Yarfe 

Branch Office. 625 F St., Washington, D. C. 

100k of par. 

__ "b.Mt WOOL LEY CO." 
Office, 10* North Pwor fiti 

Till® '^paee 

For 1901. 

It will contain bargains 101 

the bargain-seekers that wit 
result in money saving' t< 
customers. My stoek- of 









will be full and com 
up to date, and I as 
dino; public to call 
spect my goods befor 

'etc and 

;st you : 
few day 

>ut in Fa 
As'he be 

ago Terry Shelton 
m North Carolina 
upon a warrant sworn 
iiin county. 

rded the car having come 
•several miles through the coun- 
try, the idlers at the country 
station stared hard at the strange 
man, and wondered who he was.. 

The passengers looked once, and 
looked again, and wondered who 
he was. 

She said that T 
the quarrel an 
was cold blooded. 

It was too late for that. 

Terry Shelton went to Alabama, 
then eanae to Georgia, and went 
back to North Carolina to -escape 
pumiishmeut for erimes -commit- 
ted here. 

I saw him when he first came 
back to North Carolina. When he 
had left his head.was cave-rod with 
ii lutjgnificeiit growth of curly 



i very proud 
iled used to 

At ever r 

nd staro, 
"Who is 

hey stai 

tation, as new passen- 
in the} r would stop, 
id wonder., 
hat man?''' 

he matter -with him?" 
eve:: see the like?" 
hat way everywhere. 
;veu seemed to unde-r- 
s wrong 


ed too. 
once during the ride did the 
strange man leave his seat — never 
once lifted his eyes from the floor. 
His broad-brimed hat \was slouch- 
-ed down to his -eyes, Jais 'hands 
thrust into his pockets of his blue 

:keep it well combed. 

Tie had a 

thick, heavey beard am 

- long mous- 


W'hen lie came bad 

■c there was 

not a hair on his body 

His hair, 

beard and moustach 

were gone. 

There was no sign of 

eyelash or 

eyebrow, and his body 

was as free 

from hair as the pa 

m of your 


i'The effect was st 

xrtiing. It 

would frighten you to 1 

jok at him. 

The -skin was natural i 

md 'healthy 

in-color and eondi 
lately liare. 
il could hardly 





jeans trousers, and there he sat. 
"Who is- that man?" 
"What's the matter with Mm?' 

She strange man is Terry Shel- 
ton, and the mark he carries is tm 

I am sincerely thankful to 
those who have so generous- 
ly extended their patronage 
in the past, and ask a con- 
tinuance of the same. 


Dahlonega, Ga, 



, the 

Cure Cold in Head. 


"How do you mean?" 
'*By the Almighty, just as Cain 
was marked." 

'"Was it all taken out at once?" 
"No, it was pulled out, one 
hair at a time. It took eighteen 
months to get it all out." 

"Give hair out at a. time," I re- 
peated after him, 

"Yes, my brother's ghost did it. 
Whenever I sat down -fee sat be- 
and human j kind me and began . pulling them 
im life and ' on*. When I went to bed I could 
| f-eel him plucking them out one at 
i a time. -It lasted that way for 
; eighteen months, and it nearly 
! killed me. No way to stop it. I 
I was absolutely powerless." 
i "Did you do anything for it?" 
"All that could be done. The 

3 declared hi 

k is tt 
i kirns 

3 told here yester- 
iliar with the de- 

North Carolinian that has ' doctors 


Will Price has the cellar to his 
new store house about completed. 
Come to: Dahlonega if you wish 
to enjoy a cool breeze during tho 
day and sleep comfortable at. night. 
The postofiice inspector cxami-B'- 
cd the Dahlonega olaco while here 
oa other business last week and 
found it conducted all right. 

We understand that'Prof. ^Mar- 
tin, principal of the Dahlonega 
public schooj, will move his moth- 
er to-Dahloaega and locate hero. - 

Porter Springs is gettkag-to be a 
lively place now. Tho extreme 
hot weather below is causing 
visitors to rush to the mountains. 
It seems to be a hard matter for 
the postofiice inspectors to find any 
trace of the registered letter which 
was lost m this .county some 
months ago. 

A. S. Whelehel, of New Bridge, 
has been liberal enough to give 
tho railroad a right of way through 
his .property and an acre of Jand 
besides for a depot. 

The Lumpkin county -veterans 
association, which convened in 
Dahlonega on the 4th, was not 
very well attended. Those able to 
work were making hay while the 
sun shmed and too busy to come. 

The-Signai man meed not fret 
about oar liberal advertising. If 
the party he refers to dast week 
has closed up temporarily and 
wishes pay for his ad. to run on in 
the Nugget it makes no diiffernco 

tO «8. 

A white female fortune teller 
resides between Dahlonega and the 
. Hand mine, and both young men 
and young ladies are visiting her 
place of abode in order to here of 
what is going to become of -them 
in the future. 

Do you want -a railroad?? If so 
give something. Don't .-stand 
around and gape and long for ooe 
and when an opportunity is offered 
let some one else put up the cash. 
It will-increase your business and 
you should be willing to contribute 
a small amount of the profits you 
will make or gain by a railroad. 
Kemembcr that the ones who are 
soliciting your help do not get a 
cent for their services. Another 
thing we wish to mention in connec- 
tion with this matter: It has been 
said by some that the railroad talk 
was just to boom Crown Mountain 
stock, This is not the case. Crown 
Mountain stock is about all gone. 
The promoters of the railroad to 
Dahlonega are spending their own 
money— four of them having al- 
ready spent nearly #LO00. They 

"Limo-ade," coal aad- refreshing 
at.iMatthews populartfoHBt. 

:Theiittlc boys got 'perHaraieKn 
to shoot their fire .craeke-rs oh the 
nightof.thoi.ith, which was much 
■better' -than- day dime, on account 
of there teams to scare. 
No oae -was hurt in any manner 
and everything passed off pteasant- 


-We have just been handed an in- 
teresting report of the Edgar 
Union "tdkies, at -Idaho Springs, 
•Colar odo. The ore 'is rich and 
yeiy plentiful,, giving splendid 
results. Edward Peaceek, well 
known in. Dahlonega, has been in 
charge of these mines for the past 
six or eight: months, and we are 
all glad to hear, of his. successful 

The blind .tiger parties dealing 
■in liquor ^in'Dahkmega certainly 
make a big profit on their goods. 
They buy bloekade corn liquor at 
from oae to one dollar asd a quar- 
ter per gallon and reta-H it for 85 
cents t . per j. quart, and rye whisky 
costing only -. §2. 6© per gallon is 
sold nt4'4,O0. They weuld certain- 
ly get rich ;if they dida't drink up 
most of the profit. 


If you knew how SCOTT'S 
f MULSION would build you 
up, increase your weight, 
strengthen your weak throat 
and lungs and put you in con- 
dition for next winter, you 
wouid begin to take it now. 

grow into fatal campiicat 
female troafcSes are filikig gravryanfa 
swera* this. "w*faie of Cardoi «*tab- 
&shss.& paiclcss and oaixasl memferttal 
flow. Wkea once this important ftrao- 
tioa is started tight, a healthy life wffl 
usually follow. Many women, Youag 
aad old, owe their lives to Wh» o! 
CafduL There is nothing Ijke H to 
give womsa freedom from pain not to 
fit young women for every duty of lift, 
$M». .bottles at druggists. 

Miss D«Ua M. Straycr, Tuily, Km,. ~i 
have stiff ei-ad untold pain at jneiutnul §•• 
rlods fofca, long time, was nervous, had o» 
appetite, ajidjJosi Interest hi cverjrirtkl^ 
In fact was miserable. I have tahtftfaMr 
loilfes-p? Wine.of Ceidul, with <T>Mdfci«W 
Black-Draught, when needed, and t^t% 
I am entirely cuced. I cacnot express tfca 
thaalts J-ftsb-te what you have dona 
for roe," 



tl LILLY, 

Attorney at 


DaJiUnega, Ga 

General practice in all.the Co 
attention to Corpora&ion, Mi nil 
of Titles. Prompt 

irts. Special 
g Law and 

lUention to 
Oct. 21 98. 

1. H, BAKER, 

Attorney at 

Dahlonega, Oa 


; promptly attended 'tj 

have confidence, in this needed ens 
no blood i terpriso and mean business. 

Attorney at Law, 

(Da/douega, Ga. 

Or, H. C 
Physician & Surgeon, 

The! Nugget, 


The number of fires in New 
York on the 4th caused by fire 
works was 85. 

Judge Speer has issued an order 
•eleasing all XJ. S . prisoners from 
Bibb county jail until December. 

Money duo lhe state for the 
quarter ending June 80 by the dif- 
ferent convict leasees is $51,066.54. 

Casulties on the Glourious 4th 
throughout the country: Dead 25; 
injured, 1,813, and fire losses $125,- 

The Montana train robbers who 
got away with so much express 
money last week have not been cap- 

A while girl married a China- 
man in Elbert county last week. 
It's true that love works in many 
mysterious ways. 

Old Mrs. Nation started out on a 
tour again the other day with her 
hatchet but was brought to a halt 
by being arrested. 

It may be that the city of Athens 
will succeed in getting their negro 
postmaster out of office. They are 
making a hard fight for it. 

Gen. Bellarmio, an insurgent 
leader, was forced to surrender to 
the second U. S. infantry on the 
5th. He gave up 1,000 men and 
284 guns. 

Gamesyillc is like all other "dry 
towns," has blind tigers. Anoth- 
er one opened out there reeents 
ly near the express office, run in 
connection with a restaurant, deal- 
ing out rye liquor at $1 per quart. 

Judging from the tone of the 
Atlanta papers that city presents 
a perfect winter scene and is the 
coolest place on earth, while most 
other places are almost scorching 
from the rays of the hot summer 

The Farmers in some parts of 
Missouri arc being annoyed by 
snakes. It is claimed that one kill- 
ed recently contained six chickc 
and a door nob, showing that 
small man is in danger of being 
swallowed by them. 

The town of Whigham, Ga., has 
passed an ordinance forbidding 
the sheriff of the county from in- 
vading ite corporate limits to ar- 
rest a prisoner charged with com- 
mitting a crime in its limit, al> 
though armed with a process o: 

Charbon is killing hundreds oJ 
cattle in Mississippi causing much 
alarm among the people as th< 
cattle die faster than they can be 
buried or burned, causing the at- 
mosphere to be poisoned by the 
fearful stench. Several persons 
have already died from the dis 

The postmaster general has just 
awarded two of the Macon cotton 
mills the contract of furnishing 
160,009 pounds of tying -wine. 
The total price to be paid for each 
80,000 pounds is $15,000. Here- 
tofore the twine was manufactur- 
ed of jute in the north. This 
should be very ence uraging to the 
southern manufacturers. 

There seems to be a decrease in 
the foreign mission funds sent off 
by the North Georgia Conference 
for the quarter just ending, be 
only $2,060.01. Gainesville district 
sent $86.41 cents of this amoui 
We are glad to report this deem 
and hope that we may see the til 
when not a dollar will be sent off 
in this manner. There is ample 
places to use it right at home. 

There will be no rush for the 
Comanche lauds. A lottery scheme 
will take the place of the old time 
rush. Persons wishing to make 
and entry will have to register 
either at Lawton or Reno before 
the 26.lh inst., so they can draw on 
theOth of August, at the time the 
opening Regius. A suit will be en- 
tered in a few days by C. P. John- 
son, of Oklahoma City, to try to 
prevent the openiu r, in behalf of 
the Indians. 

Choice street has received some- 
attention after so long a time, but 
little expense to the town, howcy- 

Ion. G. D. Bruce, of Dahlones 
will leave to-morrow or first of 
next week to yisit his mother in 
Oklahoma who he has not seen for 
years. While there he ex- 
pects to register and make an ef- 
fort to get a slice of the territory 
to be opened out on . the 6th of 

On Monday night Sheriff Davis 
and Will Rice went up and arrests 
ed Jim Lee next to the mountains. 
Jim is charged with whipping his 
wife some time ago, causing her to 
leave him. But since that time 
they made it up and are now living, 
ere when arrested, as happiiy 
together as they when first pro- 
nounced man and wife. 

The depot of the Gainesville & 
Dahlonega Electric Railway will 
likely be located near The .Crown 
Mountain mill in what used to be 
known as the old Boyd field. It 
is beautiful, level, and a nice place 
for many buildings. The next de- 
pot after leaving Dahlonega will 
beatM. M. Londons, about six 
miles distant, on Long Branch, be- 
ing a splendid location for people 
for many miles in different direc- 
tions. This was decided upon by 
those interested last week, that is 
the one at Londons, and satisfac- 
tory arrangements made with Mr. 

On Tuesday night last the resi- 
dence which Jack Townsend occus 
pied down at Wimpy's mill, be- 
longing to the Consolidated Co., 
was destroyed by fire, together 
with its entire contents. How it 
originated is not known as there 
was no one present except three 
little children, the oldest just five 
years old. Jack had gone to his 
work in the mines and their moth- 
er had left them and visited town, 
more than a mile away. The light 
was observed by people in town, 
and by the time any one could get 
there the kitchen roof was falling 
in. The little boy was crouched 
behind one of the room doors suf- 
fering from the extreme h 
while the other two children w 
under a bed. In a little while lon- 
ger they would have been licked 
up by the iirery tongue of the an- 
gry flames. It was certainly a 
narrow escape for these little 

Some of the citizens of Cane 
Creek district are very indignant 
because Corner McGuire went up 
in company with a doctor and t 
bailiff and held an inquest oyer th< 
body of James Beck last Saturday 
when he was not sent fc 
there was not a doubt in the 
ny one but what the boy 
to bis death by accident. The 
law does not intend for inquests to 
held over all people killed. 
i been decided by the Supr< 
Court in 50th Ga., but still in 
some cases it is optionery with the 
official. The coroner receive $10, 
besides that allowed the attending 
physician and bailiff and if the for- 
mer loves money well enough to 
authorize the holding of an in- 
quest he can do so often when it us 
unnecessary, but the county is not 
always responsible for the ex- 
penses. A number of men went 
off to keep from serviug on the ju- 
ry, leaving the physician and four 
others to act. 

Gen. A. j. Warner. 

The following high compliment 
paid to Gen. Warner by the At- 
ita Constitution: 
"The Constitution congratulates 
moral A. J. Warner, late of O- 
', upon his wisdom in becoming 
c itizen of the state of Georgia. 
General Warner has established 
himself in Dahlonega, and declares 
his faith in the future of that sec- 
tion of Georgia. He has already 
i red the investment of much 
capital, and is now engaged in the 
promotion of an electric road from j 
Gainesville to the thrifty little 
mountain city. He has other pros 
jects-of like character, and to a 
i of his energy and capabilities 
there is great opportunity in the 
undeveloped resources of northeast 
Georgia. General Warner is a 
an of strong business instincts. 
He has about him none of the char- 
acteristics of the promoter, but is a 
genuine common sense business 
man, knowing a tact when he sees 
and capable of intelligently j 
presenting it to others. 

It is the mistake of a great many 
investors to leave their money in 
the south, and returning to their 
northern homes, to await the re- 
ports of agents. General Warner 
has set a good example by follow^, 
his investment, and now with 
wife and family he has located him- 
self in one of our militia districts, 
and proposes to watch the growth 
of his owncapital. 

This is why we congratulate him 
in a double sense-that he has ins 
vested in Georgia property, and 
that he has become a citizen so as 
to give Georgia the benefit of his 
wise counsel." 

Thermometer 108 in Kansas. 

At Warm Springs, near a dozen 
person were poisoned by eating 
salad which had remained over 
night in tin cans. 

The heat has been so severe 
New York as to stop hundred 
watches by the main springs 
expanding and then contracting 
causing them to break. 

Heaven was entered by four 
more negroes. This time they 
went from Florida just after bein- 
hung last week. That is they said 
they were going and of course 
murderers can't bo mist; 



Oi'i he :-Tll> 

■ at liis pl;u 


Willow, Ga. 

!™ <l 

B. F. Andersi 

of J.J. W. Ta 



laving filed thei 

by required 

to show c: 

otirt of Or- 

ilinary of 

e first Mon- 

(las in Am 

gust, 1901, why s 

lid applica- 

ed and ordered 

and said ro- 

ru'-n alio*- 

te record. 

This Ju 

Y 3, 1901. 

y Johx Hi 

,,-, Ord'y. 


By the 


R'S S^LE. 

me by an 

order of t 

6 IS" date' 


11. tonu, I 

will; set I at the 

ourt house, 

the 1 ■ ■ .- • l 1 1 

oiirs^of siileuf 

Hie highes" 

bidder [o; 
to-wit: r l 

cash, the follow 
he undivided on 

land n'.m' 1 ' 

bers Three 

Hundred and 1 

<J i ' ) 

Throe ll'n 


ml Ninety-One 

C,91). Tli roe 


tid ElghtyrNme 

(3sil), Three 


nd Eighty-One 

(381), Four 

1 hundred 

lid Fifty i 150), 

Four Hun- 

dred and 

Fifty-One (481] 

, and Four 


<nd Fifty-Two (- 

52). All of 


and foregoing 1* 

ids and mill- 

12th His! 

•ict and First 

Section of 


Tames M. Davis 

Special Con 



One Dav Cold Cure. 

ead and sore throat. 

them tike c 








We keep on 


W„w s TKr i 'n 

A t reduced prices and best bargains in town. 

T, J. SMITH, -8S£ 

(Gash or) 
( Barter) 

1 piimwiT 


Bortrait fib* 

Next DflOf Abow) Masonic Halt. 

Lawrens county has eight capi- 
tal cases: Eight men to be tried 
for murder, two for arson and one 
for assault. This is encouraging 
to the chain gang authorities who 
have been short of convicts for 
some time. 





We are u headed for the 
goal of your approval. 
We'd like to have you 
to cive us a chance to 
win your patronage. We 



Work NEATLY Done. 
G. D. BRUCE, Gen. Manager 

"Wishes to announce 
To the public that lie has a complete line of 

Genera! Merchandise, 

Staple and Fancy Groceries, 
A Specialty. 


(Best Goods-, at the Lowest Prices in Tozvn... 
12, S. OC!PI2Z*AI*rX>. 

A short time a 

10 while Geo. 

Walker, of Lumpki 

n county, was 

leaving Ducktown t 

j return home, 

he met two men wht 

said that they 

were the bullies of North Carolina. 

One drew his [lis 

tol and told 

George to dance. 

He saw no 

chance to yet out ( 

f it and com- 

menced, giving a variety of steps, 
among them was the o'ld Yahoola 

Quick Step. This 

unplesant task 

on George's part, 
about 20 minutes tit 

continued for 

the delight of 

the two strangers, 

vheu the actor 

told them that he w 

is getting tired. 

"All right," they £ 

tid. Then the 

one with the pist 

ol commenced 

searching George's 
owner picked up a i 

'aliso when the 
ock and knock- 

orrabbing his pistol 
fellow left at dout 
with the bails flying 
Then George resuu 

and the othoi 

le quick speed 
fast after him. 



have the most complete 
stock, and we keep mov- 
ing to the front. We'll 

, ravine 

. n.'oi-dei ,i if.ii 

g the es- 

win, of course; wont you 

.1 li I, , 
It; the "( 

;, 'nile. of'tVo'liu 
1 »illb. mtod 


r that purr 
that said 

at on and 

help us? 



mi i i , , hand 
., this (he 3rd da 
Johx Hu 

nd official 
y of July, 
pf, Ord'y. 

' : 4i^\ 







<F=\ r» 


„,., — ~ 

J. H. Moore., 


Sausage, Etc, 


Family tones. 


Dealers in 

Drags , meinicals, Toilet Articles, 

Stationery 9 Etc 



M a "S 



i i Moo £l? ros * 

Matthews Cough Syrup 

| Good turnouts can be had at any hour. 

The/ Nugg 

DAtjLONEGA, ffl&Y IT, 

Our g 

groat ; 

g the hot day. 
to the field in 

which he j 

Miss Lizzie Chapman, after a 
short visit to Dahlonega, returned! 
, Ga. last Sunday. 

T. •!•',. meaders and children, i 

i join hi? 
jast woe 
i, of \'a 

placer diggii 
Among th 

in the last cl 

than half an 


nmsmi ami mm-, country 

atill-! • ic.ks.eiaimed now that the-ffix 
;hoir | Process , -from a recent test &i mi 
Sriar-i taken from -the Knight vein, ho- 
I longing to the (Sonsolidated Co., 
aots ' turned out $20 per, ton which oa- 
SrosiUy produced $2 a ton on their 
nore big mill. It was claimed before 


plant v 

as built, that ii..wr 





B;95 per 

sen* of the gold in 





■e here. But 


t of friends here who are 

a! s 


Ice cream salt will saye you 
money in freezing at 13. It. Mead- 
.ers & Sons. 

Some parties from Dahlonega 
attended a dance at Porter Springs 
last;Tuesday night. 

"Matthews" Sarsaparilla res 
iicvea .those tired feelings. $1.00 
bottle for 75 cents. 

The Crown Mountain Co. are 
putting in their wires now, getting 
ready to light up their mill. 

A little child of Mr. and Mrs. 
James Wootten died last Saturday 
near the lino of White and Lump-, 


. Head. 

When nee dins' any staple an 
fancy groceries give Paul E. Cas 
tlcberry & Co. a trial. They wil 
be sure to suit you in both price 


r moutl 


ce or to 



them i 

i any 

manner or 

on apy 





The l 


s bridge is getting to be 


is occasional! 
• that the tax 


of Ln 


kin county. 

Pay attention and renew your 
subscription when the time is out 
to the NjJGGET if you want to road 

Wo understand that the Con- 
.solidated Co. have bargained for 
the F. W. Hall property in front 
,of the Mope ict office. 

Joe Brown Reese was hound 
.over by Com. Baker last Tuesday 
■night, charged with making liquor 
about two years ago. 

Joe, a son of James Aberorom- 
•bic, of Wahoo district, got one of 
his thighs broken the other day 
during a runaway. 

The appraisers have just corns 
pletcd making an inventory of the 
-estate Of John Tate, deceased, and 
find that it amounts to near nine 
thousand dollars, 

■Henley Wimpy, while taking up 
-some fodder in his arms out at his 
barn -the other day discovered a pi- 
lot among it, searing him so that 
he looks wild yet. 

Tuesday morning at 4 o'clock 
•the thermometer registered at 64 
degrees. This shows what pleasant 
.nights we are enjoying in Dah- 

will close his books to-morrow, 
(Saturday) and you will get loft if 
you fail to return your taxes. 

Mrs. W. S. Wilson, of Balti- 

Lost:— Phi Mu Society badge. 
Pinned in red satin pulley belt 
with black velvet nbou ties. The 
finder of either belt or badge will 
please return to Miss Maggie Cris- 
son and receive reward. The 
badge has her name ou back. 

P. B. JSroen and Rev. J. S. Ar- 
buthnot, of Nashville, after spend 
ing some days in the city, returned 
to their homes latter part of last 
week after making an investment 
in the .mines, which will ca 

ist Fridf 

to keep them up 

) well 

■ch th. 

r L'!i 

■ht but did not 

find any at that time. 

John Suliins and Go> 
lins, two bi others residi 
Creek district, collide 
heel screw worth just a 
fought until they wer 

them to vis; 

At the la: 
kin county 
resolution i 
in the ho 
Their b< 
take plac 

ra frequently. 

of the Lumps 

association a 

was passed for them to 

mi'V their dead comrades 

>rs of war themselves. 

regular meeting 
the first Tucsda; 

Mr. and .Mrs. M. Chester re 
quest us to return their thank 
through the columns of the Nug 
gkt to their numerous friends in 


i for i 
vtended to thei 
ess and death c 

kind fa 
ngtbc t 
their little 



owners say the railroad but 
through their lands is right on the 
main gold belt. Little singular 
that nothing was said about it be- 
fore the survey was made. 

Mrs. Yickory is now ou a visit 
to relatives at Hartwoll, while 
Prof. Vickcry remains at : Dak 1 One- 
ga engaged in bursting, fishing and 
taking other out door exercises so 
as to enable him to" regain his 

It is reported that a movement 
is on foot now to run a railroad 
from Cartcrsyille yia. New Bridge, 
in this county on into South Caro- 
lina. If this is done it will be an- 
belp to 'Lumpkin 

are now 
button -\ 

V 1 V," 

old ladies the 


If th 

dished from near Two jinn n 
this co maty to .Union it will shor* 
ten the distance from Dahlonega 



■evenue if 

Mrs. A. L. Wimpy 1 
ed a town lot from 
.adjoining Joseph F 
which she will have en 
.comfortable residence 

Mrs. J. B. 
"Ga., mother 
tin, of Dahlo 
,it and will pr 
or two being 
pieasimi m( 
'healthy clim 


Coffman, of Jackson, 
of Mrs. M. C. Mar- 
lega, is hero on a vis- 
ibirbly spend a month 
so delighted with our 
untain breezes and 

to that county ais 
increasing our tn 
built by all mean 

i bo the moans of 
dc. Let 

the railroad will- not benefit, 
railroad to Dahlonega will roc 
the price of flour and every 

eating biscuits cai 

l afford to 


more and larger 

ones when 


i h« 


The question as to who owns 
the street desired by the city coun- 
cil through the old Tan Yard has 
been left for the investigation of a 
committee from that body who 
will determine whether it belongs 
to the citv or Capt. Ingersoll. 



It is a ] 
visit the < 
.No guard 
pistol and 
and aio s 

ure for any one to 

r billy to head 3 
;ns of "keep 
ie seen anywher 

sights arc frc 
A bolt of 1 

iff the 
:. The 

- Li 

gliding struc 
Beck's from 'gate. 'in Dahlonega 
last Sunday afternoon, knocking 
the palinge in every direction. Mr. 
-jScck and .his family being in the 
back porch at the time were 
,on!y slightly shocked. 

Commercial drummer Elliott 
.was right sick on his trip this 

with hi 
at Gai 


• 1i:e 


r Uapt 

What tools Mr. '. 
prospecting purposes near Aura- 
ria were sold by si constable last 
Saturday in fayor of some labor- 
ers who had been at work for him. 
The property was opened up all 
right but "his men" never arrived 
to take it. 

A writ of lunacy was placed in 
the hands of Sheriff Davis iast 
Tuesday for a colored woman in 
Martin's Ford district named Mote. 
He and will Rice went over after 
her but found that she was two 
sick and weak to stand the trip to 

come to Dahlonega and make 
a few raids with U. S. Deputy: 
Marshal Grizzle up at the foot of 
the Blue Ridge, get a few cursings 
and learn life in the mountains. 

A flask of liquor last Saturday 
caused a couple of persons coming 
to Dahlonega to be quite jolly and 
full of fun, having the appearance 
of a lovely couple just, starting 
out on a bridal tour. No chemist 
has yet been able to tell what 
amount of fun there is in a bottle 
of liquor when put into a man and 
jyoman's bands on an occasion of 
this kind. 

As a general thing the poorest, 
parties through whose lands the 
popossod electric line from Gaines- 
ville to Dahlonega runs are more 
liberal in proportion to what they 
possess than those having more 
worldly possessions, some of whom 
do not care about any one clses 
condition just so they live well and 

motto i 


A very poor 

town and the? 

\ to cor 

: off and 


! her. 

ed iht 


ease of typhoid 

An aged gentleman said the 
other day that the cause of re- 
ligion in .Dahlonega was losing 
groundevery day and had been 
for a; long time. Any one to go 
away ami return could see a big 
change. You couldn't tell who 
belonged to the church by their 
actions, the only place to learn 
was to go to the church book. 
I Many years ago Lewis Qudlian 
1- remaiked, after remaining off for 
; 'sometime, that in "a hundred 
Q I years the people would go back in- 
j. to heathanism. 1 can see a deci- 
- ded change in that direction since 
-- I left this country." It begins to 
„ ; look that way. Last Sunday night 

3 and we trust tha 
1 soon recover. 

should rcmembo 

law which prevei 

dren as well as t 

t2t - ! you put your bar 

ar) d mouth and whi> 

his you should think 

there is 
elty to chi 

at the Methc 

benches wen 
but four old 

but they occupied 
some of the girls un< 



A blockader Saturday evening 
brought in enough moonshine li- 
quor to make several poisons feel 
piite lively that night and the next 
day. We neyer knew it to fail on 
•cgular monthly meeting of 
smperance -society in Dahlonc- 
But the meeting was postpon- 
ed until next Sunday night and 
we suppose the liquor man will be 
here on time again. 

B, G. Parks, an ©id graduate of 

eN. G. A. College, f 10m Hall 
county, paid us a pleasant and 
profitable visit last Saturday. Mr. 
Parks, since leaving Dahlonega, 
has been attending the law depart- 
ment of the State University at 
Athens, and having completed his 
course recently will now hang out 
his shingle in Gainesville. -Mr. 
-Parks is a bright ,young man, full 
of vim and energy and we bespeak 
for him a prosperous future. 

The stewards of the Methodist 
church had a special meeting last 
Sunday. They were getting be- 
hind considerably with their 
preacher, and the object was to 
try to raise his money more prompt- 
ly. The 'minister ought to be 
paid well for his services for he 
has a hard undertaking in trying 
to get some people to heaven— for 
instance a •member of the church 
who will tell a lie for the sake of 
making a dime. 

oeing tanen 

owjs worth al 

out half a 

y weight to the pt 


sons making an 


ning property he 

re or in any 

■country, should 

first devel- 

and then build a 

mill only 

sh capacity as is 

needed and 

e most eonveiiie 

it place to 

the special meet 

ing of the 

holders of the 


jiidated Gomp&i 

y .last week 

dution was passe 

d for the is- 

of $175,000 wort 

h of bonds 

e purpos.-' 'if rai 

ing enough 

y to pay off all the indebted- 

f the company : 

ml to more 

most of the gold 
;-l i;i]-.-<i i'l-uin in" greasy plates and 
off into the river, .much of -which 
is now being caught. ,by Mr. -Ash- 
ley's dredge boat. One cause .of 
this was inexperienced men were 
brought here and put in charge of 
the mill who scraped the plates 
and gouged about until they ruin- 
ed them, not catching scarcely 
enough gold to pay their big sala- 
rie-. s-.iving Cm country such a. 
I will take a long 
'tim- ! > <■■.'> ivnne it. They didn't 
live here aad eared nothing for 
Uliev ifa-n of then employe*** 
j the eouatry either. No doubt it 
j was the fattest • thing - they ever 
had and was more .of .a .pleasure 
trip to them than anything else, 
for it made them mad when they 
had to be pulled off from the com- 
pany's teat. 

fully develop their proper 
■J. B. Witt dropped in or 

last Tuesday and had son 
rock to show us, not fr'< 
"Findley chuto," but fn 
"Buffalo Mine" in Og] 
county, Ga. This mine i: 



has 1 

»f the 

lelebrated "Horn 

3h over $300,000 

Jim says there 

• Since Tom Ray has be 
loose and not dictated to by 
two for a nickle so called m: 
and told to go ahead and de 
the Standard property, he 


ed up at 


veins -chat 
ling if not 
per vi men < 
high price 
up" all 
Mr. Inn 

Oscar Roberts, Floyd Adams, 
Marion Edmonson and Jim Frank- 
lin were each lined one dollar and 
cost last Monday for taking a coui 
pie of chickens from the .premises 
of Col. Lilly. They were all found 
by the marshal at 11 o'clock on 
Saturday night in the .house for- 
merly occupied by Roberts'' father 
while one chicken was on the fire 
cooking. The other bad been sold 
to merchant Smith for iard and 
salt with which to cook, the other. 
They were all put into the ealiboose 
and the stolen chicken fed to them 
for thei-r breakfasts Sunday morn- 
ing, not enjoying it much however. 
Mayor Price being absent and Col. 
Lilly, mayor pro tern being 
disqualified Dr. Jones, one of the 
aldermen, tried. them. All enter- 
ing a plea of guilty and the Docs 
ght as he could 
togidy. Notwithstanding 
pretty high ,p,pice for. two 
;, the boys should • feel 
1 getting out eyen .this 
t is a chain gang offense, 
id his fine and the rest 
g theirs out. Let it be a 

body J tor fined the: 

e in 

light, fo: 

short while last v 
formed us that he ^ 
ahead with his min 

Only recently we mentioned the 
death of Wm. Arrendale, son of 
F. %j. Arrendale, who used to re- j n tl 
side in Dahlonega. At that time w in c , 
[ was unknown to us how he was f a ^ 
ilied. A letter from his father 
1st week states that his son was' 
struck by an elevator in a, shaft 
of the Rock Creek Coal Mining 
Co.., Texas, and only liyed 36 hours 
after the accident. The young man j order to 
s well known to us a.nd we sin^ I i s a n evich 
•ely regret to learn of 




ill. He will la- 
ter on ha . : ■:•.!: ' 1 -s but ex- 
pects to put them up , at different 
places on the property, the ore be- 
ing scattered so. that it won't pay 
&te them a'U at one place in 
re a "big mill." ■ This 
t fact that Mr. Howe 
3 I understands his business. When 
1 you find a man who knows that it 
The Lumpkin -county teachers' I is cheaper to build mill: 
institute has been in session this they are small, convenientto 
week with an attendance of about ore, yon may put him cl 

ecu pied ai 
Id be seen 
vas quite 

f escorts 
i' court- 

dozen teachers, although a very 
interesting program is being car , 
ried out, and as there are three 
lawyers and two preachers on it 
something both good and wise has 
been said, in addition to the able 
;emont of ; Prof. ..Colyin, the 
expert. Notwithstanding all this 
these institutes are more expense 
than profit. The instructions 
twelve teachers receive cost 
the state $25, and for the 137 conns 
ties m Georgia nearly §4,000. 
This is taken from the school 
fund. It is well enough for the 
teachers to meet and exchange 
ideas, but this could be done in 
a single day. As it is they are 

they are small, conveni 
ore, yon may put him 
sensible miner. 

The many nice nugg 
at the Calhoun mine at 
clean up are very encoi 
it is an evident fact that there 
are several rich veins not far away. 
The cleans ups are always good, 
therefore cause no excitement in 
mining circles. There are several 
placer operations now in operation 
on the Calhoun property. Jake 

ats found 
the -recent 
raging for 

oil Beck 

an (1 


forced to attend thes 

and pay board for f 

of them getting enough for tea 

ing to be able scarcely to spare 

money it takes to board them. 

Last Friday morning a wagon 
aded with wood turned over : Qa 
James Beck, the eighteen -yeai'SToki 
son of Asbury Beck, nearoCane 
Creek law ground crushing his life 
out, where he remained until Sat- 
urday morning before being found. 
Mr. Beck was in Dahlonega where 
they were to meet. After waiting 
nearly all day for his son he started 
home awhile before sandowm, but 
instead of going home spent the 
night with Henry Ducket, little 
dreaming that his boy was lying, a 
corpse not far away. Mrs. Beck 
and the rest of the family could not 
understand why neither returned, 
causing them to spqnd a restless 
night. When j£;e father returned 
home in the corning, going a 
near way,, he..was r not aware. ol his 
son's absence mnfil he reached his 
family. This caused all to be 
alarmed and a search commenced. 
They followed the old road, the 
one the sou was last seen traveling, 
being ^joined on the way by other 
searchers, and had not gone more 
than about a mile before Johnnie 
Ferguson discovered the sad sight. 
There lay the boy under a half 
cord of green wood which he had 
chained together to bring to town. 
One arm was resting under his 
forehead, and from all appearance 
death came instantly. The steers 
had pulled around a little ways and 
remained there all this time. The 
wagon was overturned while he 
was endeavoring to drive round a 
falleng tree, and no one had passed 
by. Coroner McGuirc learning 
f o it who went up Saturday 'after- 
noon and after an investigation the 
jury returned a verdict in a«cors 
dance with the above facts. We 
deeply sympathize with the pai 1 - 
onls in tin' loss of their sou. 

The fo^unting, rip-snort par- 
son, whose unedifying personality 
is met with very frequently in old 
H'england, is no longer without a 
companion type in this country. 
Witness the Reverend or Irrever- 
end Mr. Duncan, of Chattanooga, 
who "is devoted to golf and other 
athletic sports and is a social favo- 
rite 1 '- and who refused to attend the 
bedside of a dying child when sent 
for, on the ground of a previous 
engagement, spending the time in 
playing billiards. Truly a fitting 
guide to point out the straight and 
narrow path of unworldiucssto his 
flock! Give Duncan a job in a bar- 
room or billard hall. — Miami Me- 

A Good Cough Medicine. 
Many thousands have been restor 
cd to health and . happiness by the 
use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy 
If attlicted with an}' throat or lung 
trouble, give it a trial for it is cer- 
tain to prove beneficial. Coughs 
that have resisted all other treat- 
ment for years, have yielded to this 
remedy and perfect health been re- 
stored. Cases that seemed hopeless, 
that the climate of famous health 
resorts failed to benefit, have been 
permanently cured by its use. 
sale by The Matthew's Drug Co. 

It is impossible to guess what I 
undignified thing a young woman 
will not do, says the Savannah 
Morning News, when it si "for the 
church. "■ At Matawan, N. L, the 
other day a young woman washed a 
pig for fifty cents, and sold kisses 
at 5 cents each, there by raising a 
dollar to go towards liquidating 

church debt. Another stole veg- 
etables from her grandfather's 
garden and sold the in, justifying 
theft by saying it was "for the, 
church." Several ministers, it is 
said, smiled when they heard this 

Some men are twins m fate, 
whether twins by birth or not. 
There is an illustration in the case 
of Andrew Frum and Alexander 
Summers wealthy cattle dealers in 
West Virginia, who died recently 
on the same day aged 84 years. 
They were born on the same day 
married sisters on the same day, 
liyed on adjoining farms all their 
lives, and died of the same disease 
at the same hour. 

Mining k Milling Co, 

The Crown Mountain properties 
arc situated in the very heart of the 
Georgia gold belt and is in the rad: 
ting center of all the leading gold 
veins of the Dahlonega district. 
They embrace what is believed to be 
the mother lode of the Appelachian 

The extensive and rich ore bod- 
ies in sight upon these properties 
assure long continues mining op- 
erations and the indisputable guar- 
antee of the permanent and increase 
ing value of the stock of "The 
Crown Mountain Co." 

The projectors of this company 
were the i'n'st to revive the mi: 
interest in this district in 1896. 
After three years of careful and 
hanstive examination of all the 
mines of the district of reputation 
as gold producers, and they had the 
choice of all, they selected the 
Crown Mountain combination as the 
ideal gold mine of the district which 
would yield or produce the most 
gold with the least expense. This 
opinion is shown by all tie mining 
engineers, mining experts, miners 
and citizens of .any standing in the 
district who are familiar with th« 
properties. As an evidence of this 
we here state that mo iv of the citi- 
zens of the town of Dahlonega and 
vicinity have taken stock in this 
company than have in all the other 
companies combined that have 
oragnized in this district. 

The company is to be managed by 
practical business men — who have 
given much of their time to mining 
and mining operations, and always 
with unvarying success. 

The present directory is for the 
most part composed of men who 
have had much experience in the 
mining enterprises, and under its 
efficient and economical manage- 
ment, and by reason of a visible 
gold supply that is practically inex- 
haustible, an investment in the stock 
of this company is undoubtedly safe. 

The capitalization of the company 
is not commensurate with the visi- 
ble productiveness of the properties 
and is meagre compared with the 
capitalization ofother justly celebrat- 
ed mines in the district, but tht 
management believe it will be able to 
make the stock worth above par 
; • We invite all prospective it 
tors to make a personal inspection 
of the mines. We also invite them 
to examine all the other mim 
district — compare the quality and 
quantity of the ore and the facilities 
for economically treating the same. 
We hsve no fears of where the choice 
will fall. 

Until further notice of advance in 
prices, the stock of this comn/inv 
will be sold at the minimum rate of 
65.00 per share. For futher infor- 
mation applv to J. F. or J. H. Moore, 
Dahlonega, Ga., or Donovin & Mc- 
Cabe, 10 & 12 West Spring Street, 
Columbus, Ohio, or Gen. Warner, 
Marietta, Ohio 

The newspaper arc filled with ac- 
counts of an unusual number of 
murders, lynchings and other 
shocking crimes. Hadn't wo bet^ 
ter call in our missionaries from 
darkest Afcrca and the laud of 
heathen Chinee? In the warfare 
against Old Nick and his allies, it 
looks like too little attention in be- 
ing paid to our home defences. — 
Miami Matropolis. 

Negotiations are in progress for 
the organization of a $1,000,000 
corporation to develop the copper 
mines on Pisgah mountain in Fan- 
nin county, Ga. 

The Best Remedy for Stomach 
and Bowel Troubles. 

"I have been in the drug business 
for twenty years and have sold most 
all of the proprietary medicines of 
any note. Among the entire list I 

A Queer Find, 

Last Friday evening while saws 
ins a large .80-foot log at Fennels 
Mill at Peebles,, the saw struck 
something supposed to be a piece 
of iron and;backingthe log f rom'.tbe 
saw and chopping into it, it prov- 
ed to bo an open, one bladed pock- 
et knife, with a bone or deer han- 
dle, and about seven and one half 
inches in length. It is supposed to 
have been put there by some hunt- 
ter in an early day while the tree 
was quite small. The point of the 
knife was found to rest within four 
inches of the heart of the stick, 
and about five feet aboyo the 
ground and with the handle point- 
ed upward at an angle of about 45 
degrees, the outer end of the bans 
die being covered with three inches 
of solid oak, containing about fifty 
growths, the three at the point 
was twentysfive inches in diameter 
and must have made a growth of 
eight inches, or increased its diam- 
eter sixteen inches since the knife 
was placed there. It was impossi- 
ble to count the growths correctly, 
but from the first healing of the 
growths to the outer suiface it exs 
cceded 100 growths of years. — 
(Adams Co. (O.) Defender. 

They have a different view in 
Russia from ours about the marry- 
ing of girls at school. In Russia, 
if a girl desires to study at either 
of the universities, etiquette res 
quires that she should be married. 
Accordingly, she goes through the 
form of marriage with one *of the 
men students, whom she may nev- 
er see again. At the end of the 
course the marriage is dissolved 

A Great Livestock S 

The livestock department ,of the 

juthern In ter -State Fair has always 
been a prominent feature. The exhibits 
of livestock »,s the Fair of 1809 were far 
phead of any previous show held in the 
Pouth, and the shii 5 last year wore 
quit< i )'/ iv in th ! nil 1 Si i 
ind ed there wa Y pi Fai: t it 

made as good a showing last year-^-tkafc 
Was the great Illinois State Fair, held 

; Springfield. 

The success of the livestock show at 
Atlanta has been attained through the 
Influence of extremely liberal premiums. 
Most of the stock shown comes from the 
Jforth and West, and large premium-; 
have been necessary to induce exhibit- 
ors to bring their stock suoh a great dis- 

The Fair Munngement has determined 
to offer even luim-r premiums for stock 
to he shown this fall, therefore, it is safe 
to presume that exhibits will be cor- 
respondingly larger. Special classes 
have been opened for livestock owned 
In Georgia, South Carolina and Ala- 
bama. This has been done for the rea- 
son that Southern breeding interests are 
hardly ready at this time to compete 
with Northern and Western herds that 
represent many years of careful breed- 
ing, but etock owned in the states 
named is also eligible -ior entry in the 
classes open to the world, hence South- 
ern breeders may compete for two sets 
of premiums with the same cattle. 

The premium list for the livestock de- 
partment of the Southern Inter-State 
Fair is now ready for distribution, and 
Secretary T. ,-H. Martin, at Atlanta, 
will be jglad to mail a copy on applita- 

Before B. Ruthvon was elec- 
trocuted at Columbus, Ohio, the 
other day for murder his wife 
endeavored to save her husband by 
telling that she dressed in his 
clothes and committed the deed. 
When Ruthvon was told of his 
wifes confession said that it was 
not true and that his wife was in- 
nocent of any crime. 

Told by a Tree. 

Railroad Comissioncr (Rogers, 
who was here Saturday, was talk- 
ing about tho value of North Caros 
Una timber. He said that he had 
only one story to relate , and that ; 
was a big one. A man in Western 
North Carolina was selling stand- 
ing timber— walnut trees. The" 
man who was buying came to one 
very handsome tree. He told the 
owner he could pay as much as $50 
for the tree. This excited tho own- 
er. He did not sell, but sent for 
experts. The owner got §1500 
for the tree (curled walnut) as it 
stood. The man who cut it down 
realized $3000 for it on the cars, lit 
was shipped to New York '.veneer- 
ed onessixtecnth to one-quarter 
inch. The sales were watched and 
estimatedras best could be done, 
and when all was disposed of it 
tnrnedjout that tree brought near 
$60,000. The point of it is this: 
We have no idea as to the value of 
our timber, much of which is being 
sent North for a mere song. We 
can become rich in North Carolina 
if we work our raw material as 
others work it for us. — High Point 

A farmer in Florida has made 

!jy, 100 this yeaL 
planted tomato 


of seven a 


n yo 


e Matthew 


modern, up-to 
Tablets. They 
ad plea; 


nts. Sa 
ig store 

pie 1 



A college prepa<- 

;<•■; , 



Of St 



rs Speci 

ll Meet 

ng of the 




\ mI Dai 

f the 

Fleet no 

fsaid compai 
jeeding Seven 
.dollars and so 

)f trust; 

The One Bay<Col.i Cure. 



When the quantity of food taken 

is too large or the quality too rich, 

heartburn is likely to follow, and 

have never found anything to equal J especially so if the digestion has 

Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and 
Diarrhoea Remedy for all stomach 
and bowel troubles," says O. W. 
Wakefield, of Columbus, Ga., "This 
•emedy cured two severe cases of 
•holera morbus in my family and I 
lave recommended and sold hun- 
dreds of bottles of it to my custo- 
mers to their entire satisfaction, It 
affords a quick and sure cure in a 
pleasant form." For sale by The 
Matthew's drug Co. 

,kened by constipation. Eat 
slow!y and not too freely of easily 
digested fool. Masticate the food 
thoroughly. Let" six hours elapse 
between meals and when you feel a 
fullness and weight in the region of 
stomach after eating indicating that 
you have eaten too much, take one 
of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver 
Tablets and the heartburn may be 
avoided. For sale by Ihe Mat- 



Tate, Littlefleld & Co., 

Haye Opened Outla 






Em W 



: '-tj 









■> 'Located in]ibuildi no . 
corner of Cboice As * 
Streets, , ready to giv * 
.^satisfaction. Gi 
lllu l and;bo ooiiy ltiCe(l 




Director & 


And Dealer in 






Dahlonega, Ga. 


s not only relit 

tell work will be 

Farmers' Supplies, Produce, etc. 

- T. S. Littlefield, Gen. Man. 

Good Teams, 
Careful Drivers, 

PROMPT and personal attention to all calls and transient feed- 
Call and we will be pleased to serve you. 

J3 :R Meaders&fioiis. 

Blanks ior Sale* 

At the Nugget office you will 

find the following blanks: 

Warranty Deeds, 

Mortgage Deeds, 

Mortgage Notes, Mortgage Fifas, 

Chattle Mortgages, Plain Notes, 

Common Leases, 

Miner's Lease-, 

Criminal Warrants, 

Peace Warrant*, 

Bonds for Title, 


Power of Attorn: y, 

Witness Summon.-, 

J. P. Summons, 

.Justice's Court Fifas, 

Forthcoming Bond;, 

Summons of Garnishment, 

Affidavit & Bond for Garnishment, 

Administrator's Deeds. 



Fancy and jftaple 

Country produce" of all kinds, Stationery 

and Notions at prices never before 

heard of in Dahlonega. 

ktST°Give us a call. In Dahlonega Hotel Building.^rj 

wed pain but pro- 
examination costs 

are in position to 
necessary to put 

The Teeth 

in perfect order. We endeavor to 
save the natural teeth and put ou«r 
knowledge of dentestry to good -use, 

Bridge Work 

Our bridge work is first class. 
Charges- reasonable. 

j. a. GEOVE. 


WW \ 



Gfood Advertising Medium, 

Devoted tct Local,. Mining and General Information. 

One Dollar Per Annum. 

VOL. XII— NO z7. 


W. B. TOWNSEND, Editor and Proprietor 





IP. Moore 

BTHjL LEADS with, the most complete Stock o± 

Call and examine our stock and get prices. We can suit you. 


J. A. HOWARD, Manager, 


|hemicald, !j||tc., Jg te 

College Street. 




stock in this line at prices 

that will be sure to please yon.. 


examine goods and bo conyinecd 

that we are right. 


1T0RS. I 

A'H persons having claims against I 
the estate of John J. W. Tate, deceas- 
ed, are hereby notified to render them 
to the undersigned as required by law. 
And all persons indebted to the estate 
of deceased or to the firm of J. ,T. AV. 
Tate & Bro, are hereby notified that 
they must make immediate settlement 
of the same. Unless settlement of these 
claims are made at once the same will 
be placed in tin; hands of officers for 
collection and suit. Settlement may 
be made with the undersigned Admin- 
istrator, at Dahlonega, Ga., or with 
Thomas A. P. Tate, surviving partner 
at his place of business at Willow, (ia. 
"" day of Jul 

B. F. Andekson, 
Administrator of 
John J. W. Tate, dec.,, 
Thomas A. P. Tate, 
Surviving partner-.. 


Of Stockholders Special Meeting of the 
Gainesville and Dauloncga Electric 
Railway Company. 
A special meeting of the stockhol- 
ders of the Gainesville and Dahlonega 
Electric Railway Company is hereby 
called to convene at Dahlonega, Geor- 
t the office of 

Friday the 2nd day of August, 
10 o'clock, a. m., for the pure 
considering and authorizing tin 
ance of bond's of said - 


1001, at 

it exceeding S< 
Fifty Thousand dollai 
same by mortgage o: 
and for such other bi 
gaily come before sa 
order of Board of Dir 
day of June, 1901. 

J. F. Moore, Sec 


This Space 

For 1901. 

It will contain bargains for 
the bargain-seekers that will 
result in money savins; to 
customers. My stock of 







will ke full and complete and 
up to date, and 1 ask the tra- 
ding public to call and in- 
spect my goods before pur- 
chasing elsewhere. 

I am sincerely thankful to 
those who have so generous- 
ly extended their patronage 
in the past, and ask a con- 
tinuance of the same. 


Dahlonega, Ga, 


Established at Head of Ten- 
nessee, Ga. 

The Tennessee heads in Rabun 
Gap and passes down through a 
nice valley of land to the North 
Carolina line, a distance of six 
miles; at this point the hills close 
in to the river, and shut off the 
valley. From the Gap through the 
valley, to the North Carolina line 
the direction is north. To com- 
plete this valley, there flow in 
from the southwest side Betty's 
Creek, Taylor's creek, and Wolf 
Creek; from the northeast side 
there flow in several small streams 
and among them Mud Creek, on 
which is a beautiful water fall. In 
this direction the valley is about 
nine miles across. 

Near the center of this valley is 
located the Baptist church, known 
as Dillard's meeting house, 
this place a deed was made by Mr. 
James Dillard for a Baptist church 
and cemetery. The deed provided 
that in said church other denomi 
nations were to worship except on 
the days when the church was used 
by the Baptists. It is true that 
Gen. Miller had given a tract for a 
Methodist church just across the 
road from the Rabun Gap High 
School, but as said deed never went 
to record, it was lost sight of. This 
deed was given nearly seventy 
years ago by Gen. Miller, who 
owned a fine farm at the head of 
Tennessee river at Rabun gap, up- 
on which he built a fine farm 
house, painted it white and it is 
known up to this time as the 

White House." 

At this place Dr. H. V. M. Mil- 
ler, who died several years ago in 
Atlanta, spent most of his boy- 
hood days. 

The Methodist preached from 
year to year at Dillard's rneeting- 
e, not having any church or 
organized society of their own up 
to the year 1875, when Rev. Geo, 
E. Bonner of the North Ga. Con. 
ference and Rev. W. A. Nelson, a ' everyday. In closing up the ser- 
Baptist evangelist of Henderson vice at the end of the week, we 
county, North Carolina, joined in found that there had been sixty 

! : protracted religious service at this 
church, which resulted in a gra- 
cious revival meeting. Many who 
were converted at this meeting 
joined the Baptist church and sev- 
enteen joined the Methodist church 
and these were organized by Rev. 
Mr, Bonner into a Methodist 
church. This was the first organ- 
ized Methodist church on th» head 
of Tennessee river in Georgia. 

In 1876,. Mr. Bonner was return- 
ed the Clayton Mission. 

This church, Dillard's meeting 
house, was located in .eight miles 
of where I was brought up and 
^herein 1876, I attended a pro- 
tracted meeting with Bro. Bonner. 
The Rev. J. V. Stipe was our pre- 
siding elder that year, and held a 
quarterly conference at Dillard's 
meeting house, embracing the 
first Sunday in October. I accom- 
panied him from Dahlonega to 
that place. On our way there 
Brothers tip©'' preached at Der- 
rick's on the Tallulah river, in the 
woods, where a church was after- 
wards built. I 
On Saturday at eleven o'clock 
we arrived at Dillard's meeting- 
house. Brother Stipe had rquest- 
ed me to preach at that hour. As 
I had never preached in that sec- 
tion, I was much embarrassed. 

We had a fine congregation to 
talk to. I wish to relate the con- 
dition of the church-house. It 
good large building with 
two doors of entrance. It was 
weather-boarded and had the win- 
dows cut out but no lights in them. 
The benches were in a bad broken 
condition. Everything about the 
house was a state of neglect and 
disorder; and it was reported that 
the membership was also, to some 
extent, in a state of disorder, as 
they had not yet rallied from 
the state of war-times. 

When we entered the stand it 
was a small affair, closed at one 
end, and scarcely large enough for 
two persons to sit on the seat com- 
fortably, so I occupied the stand 
alone. While at secret prayer be- 
fore service, I had it in mind to 
give the membership of the 
church a talk about the bad con- 
dition of their house of worship ; 
but while at prayer I fully de- 
cided that if the members could 
worship in the house, I ought to be 
glad to preach the gospel to them, 
I dismissed the thought of re- 
proving them from my mind. 

I well remember my text. It 
was Matthew, 7th chapter and 7th 
verse: "Ask and ye shall receive 
etc." At the conclusion three 
young people came up and kneel- 
ed down for yrayer, and were con- 
verted during the meeting. One 
of them, Mr. Taylor, afterwards, I 
learned, became a Baptist preach- 

odd conversions ; forty two of the 
number had given their names to 
become members of the Methodist 
church. I think as many of these 
as eight or ten were heads of fami- 

That evening, I went to my 
mother's eight miles down the 
valley of the Tennessee river, and 
returned in time next day to hear 
Brother Stipe preach a great ser- 
mon on the chapter in Corinth- 
ians which has thirteen verses. 
A great congregation was present 
and much feeling among the peo- 
ple was manifested. 

It was decided to continue the 
meeting during the week. Broth- 
er Stipe preached again at night. 
Monday morning he left for Dah- 

3ga, and left the meeting in the 
hands of Mr. Bonner and myself. 
I was requested to preach every 
other day, which I tried to do. 
On Monday night there were a 
good many converts. Among 
the first, as I recollected, was my 

hew, John Howard, of Rabun 

Gap. The services conti ; > ued with 

terest from day through the 

week, and there were 

I have attended quite a number 
of revival meetings since 1843. 
This one, I think equaled any 
that I ever attended in its effects, 
at that time upon thejpeople and 
in the results that have followed. 
On Sunday, Rev. Mr. Bonner re- 
ceived these applicants into the 
church after due examination and 
the performance of the rites of 

This revival service and the one 
the year before began quite a rev- 
olution in this beautiful valley at 
the head of Tennesse river. A re- 
vival has attended the religious 
service at this church every year 
since that time. 

At present the membership of 
the church is between two and 
three hundred. The Baptist 
church has also been much im- 
proved, and its membership large- 
ly increased in numbers. Instead 
of one old rickety church-house, 
there are now two nice buildings. 
The Baptist have a nice church, 
sixty feet long, painted, and well 
finished up on the inside, at this 
location. A mils away, the Meth- 
odists have an excellent large 
church building, located near Ra- 
bun Gap High School. 

At each of these churches, on 
the Sabbath, there is a large well- 
attended Sunday School, and 
preaching about twice a month at 
each church. The peoale turn out 
to these services and fill the house. 
In 1875 there were many still- 
houses scattered among the hills 
surrounding this valley, and there 
was much drunkeness and immor- 
I ality among the people. Prom 
that time till this, there has been 
a gradual growth and improve- 
ment among- the people, from the 
oldest to the youngest, until the 
still-houses have all been removed, 
and now there is very little drunk- 
eness among the people of that 
section, and Sabbath hunting has 
been abandoned. 

The good influences hero haye 
been extended and felt by people 
beyond in the other settlements. 

These good results have been 
brought about by the churches, 
and the Rabun Gap High School, 
which institution was planted there 
by Prof. W. A. Curtis, a Chrstian 
gentleman from Hayesville, North 
Carolina. He not only established 
the School but superintended the 
education of the students himself 
for 16 years. This school is still 
being carried on by educated Chris- 
tian men and women, and has been 
a great factor in the reformation 
which has occurred among thepeo- 

Prof. Curtis gave his personal 
attention and aided much in the 
remarkable reviyal of 1876, and 
by his personal influence, led 
many of his students to the cross 
and sound reformation. Prof. 
Curtis very kindly donated an acre 
of ground, being part of the plot 
of land which he owned at that 
place, on which to erect a Metho- 
dist church. At present he is pub, 
lishing a clean weekly paper, The 
Franklin Press at Franklin, North 

From what I have learned of 
Rev. Mr. Nelson, he was a most 
excellent Christian gentleman. 
He died some two or three years 
ago at Hendersonyille, North 

Rev. Geo E. Bonner also died in 
Atlanta several years ap-o. I be- 
came well acquainted with him in 
his Christian work. I thought 
him one of the lundest and best 
Christian men I ever met. In 
prayer I considered him possessing 

remarkable power, as much so as 
anyone I ever heard pray. In 
thinking it over, I often rejoice 
that I rnet him and had social in- 
tercourse with him, and the privi- 
lege of religious [communion with 
him. I am made better by being 
with him. 

1 wish to add in conclusion, that 
a protracted meeting held here evn 
ery year, has resulted in conver- 
sions and addition to the church ot 
new members. I have attended 
some of these revival meetings. 
N. F- Howard, M. D. 

Dahlonega, Ga. 

Qno of the parties arrested by 
the sheriff of Lumpkin county 
recently has a pretty seriousjeharge 
against him, as was shown to the 
recent grand Jury. He was drunk 
at his mothers funeral, and it is 
stated that he cursed at the grave 
and told the minister after the 
corpse was let down "by G— 
enough has not been "said about 
her. Pull her back again," which 
was done just to keep any more 
shameful conduct from taking 
place. If ponvicted Judge Estes 
will cause him to remember this 
act a long time. This looks very 
much like Mr. Quillians prediction 
is coming to pass. 


say "Consumption can be cured. 
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help. Doctors say 

"Scott's Eindsion 

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SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, 

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50c. and $i.oo; all druggist. 

— , exhausted? 
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icse questions, you have ills which 
wine of Cardui cures. Do vot , 
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of Cardui, used just 
strual period, will 
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Jnjoy good 
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There is nothing like 'it to help 
women enjoy good health, ft - 
only $J to test this remedy, whi 

woman, by reason of my use of Wlm'of 
Cardui and Thedford's Black Draught-" 

bss. giving pymptoms, "The 
r Department,'' The_Chatt 
le Co., Chattanooga,7re=a. 

^Chattanooga Medl- 


0. J. LILLY, 
Attorney at Law, 

General practice in all the Courts, Special 
attention to Corporation, Mining Law and 
Abstracts of Titles. Prompt i " ' 

Attorney at Law, 

Dahlonega, Ga. 
All legal business promptly attended t( 

Dr. H. C. 
Physician & Surgeon, 

(Dahlonega, Ga. 

The One Day CoM Cure. 


The i Nugget, 


isNei.-oinl Mu.-isS^u 

There is reported lo be 1,000 
lepers in the United States. 

Another oi! gusher came i 
mont, Tex., last week, maki 
16th gusher. 

The Atlanta papers still 
that city the coolest place 
whole section— 96. 

Mining Notes 

and Standard mines hs 
suspended for several days < 
count of a delay in their a 

each returned home feelir 
dent that this means n: 

oh foi 

Valuable Land For Sale. 

eneral archandise. 

i co live 

I ard. 

fill I) 

n Beri- 
ng the 

Many machinists arc returning to 
work in Chicago and the strike is 
practically ended there. 

Kentucky will make 25,000,000 
gallons of whiskey this year and 
an exchange thinks that Mrs. 
Hatchet Nations has a great task 
before her. 

The receipts from the war taxes 
from July 13, 1898 to May 3rd, 
1901, amounts to $810,053,863. 

The negroes held a convention in 
Jackson, Miss., the other day for 
the purpose of elevating morals. 

A leading lawyer at Warm 
Springs convention said the Bible 
was the next important book to 
the Code in practice of law. 

At the recent democratic state 
convention at Columbus, O., they 
refused to express confidence in 
Mr, Bryan and one of his pictures 
was trampled under foot. 

ent water power, that can be op- j of year. I will receive sea: 
erated by electrical power secured ! 15th n --' 
many miles away at falls which 
have heretofore been useless. Our 
country now has a ver\ r bright fu- 

"We keep on 

store foi 



solidatod Co. Others say that it 
is one invented by Mr. Breymann. 
Bo we don't know what kind it is. 

Work, commenced on another 
mile and a half canal this week 
so as to put the Ash creek and a 
big branch into the main stream 
above the Crown Mountain plant, 
so as to give them all the power 
they may need for any purpose. 

J. B. Witt's nice lot of ore re- 
cently taken from the big mine 
down in. Oglethorpe county known 
as the Buffalo mine 

nterest all v 
ng to attra< 

fails to 
I is go- 
ion of 

Pension Commissioner Lindsey 
favors paying off pensioners 
quarterly but it, will increase the 
work of the ordinaries so much 
that it is said the most of them 
oppose it. 

Chairman English Police corns 
mission, Atlanta, desires to pre 
pare for war in time of peace, by 
asking the city council to proyide 
the police with six dozen new pis 

3 which 
!, 000,000 
nough to 

In Orage county, N. Y., farm 
hands are so scarce that the tillers 
of the soil have been holding up 
trains in search of laborers. This 
is a hardship on the lazy man. 

The hot wave, which swept over 
the south last week brought about 
much distress and suffering. In 
Selma, Alabama, the thermomes 
ter registered at 112; Albany, 186; 
Montgomery, 105; Tuscalousa, 
Ala., 105; Rome, 101; Columbus, 
97; Atlanta, 96; Dablonega, 97. 

It is said the Ducktown copper 
companies' arc negotiating with a 
party who proposes to smelt their 
copper without roasting it. If this 
can be done it will be a great ro^ 
lief to the people, not only of 
Ducktown, but of the whole sur- 
rounding country for twenty miles 
or more away. Blue Ridge 
is eighteen miles or more away, 
and the smoke is beginning to 
darken the atmosphere here, and 
with the odor of the 
a few hours every 
arly.— Blue Ridge 

to show <:!:. ;r before 
diiiarvol said county 
day in August, 10OJ. 

This July 3, 1901. 

ercby re 
e Court 
1 the. firs 

Temperance people who buy 
liquor by the gallon for modi 
purposes 1 ' will rejoice to know 
that Macon capital is putting in 1 
plant for a distillery in South Car 
olina with a capacity of 600 bush' 
els per day. 

C. L. Kingsley committed suicide 
at Kingsley the other day and r 
quested to be carried to the gra' 
by colored pall bearers. He ought 
to have been planted by the side 
of some colored person who had 
gone on before. 

At the recent county officers 
convention in Columbus a resolu- 
tion introduced by Sheriff Nelms 
of Fulton county, was adopted ens 
dorsing a four-years term for all 
county officers. The next con- 
vention convenes in Atlanta. 

■ft'. Witt and we tn 

lat he will make many thoi 

ad dollars out of the mine 

hich he is interested. He is 1 

eral to his laborers, full of v 

and energy and just the kind 

a man we like to see prosper. 

Last week the electric butl 
was touched and the great pump I 
of the Crown Mountain set to 
running, forcing the waters of the] 
Chestatee river upon the ton of j 
the mountain more that 500 feet 
high for the purpose of robbing it 
of its precious metals, to the de- 
light of the whole people of this 
country for all have the utmost 
confidence in the property as lie- 

taint the 

Judge L 

now the boys have tc 
drinks at some other ; 

court ' 
t, and \ 

ing oiu 
state a 

of th 

3 to 



We are headed for the 
goal of your approval. 
We'd , like to have you. 
to give us a chance to 
win your patronage. We 
have the most complete 
stock, and we keep mov- 
ing to the front. We'll 
win, of course; wont yon 
help us? 




At reduced prices and best bargains in town. 

(Cash or) 
I Barterj 





Portrait f§o.., 


Next Door Above Masonic Hall 

The heat and drouth in Kansas 
and Missouri is- becoming alarms 
ing. The farmers of these states 
have already lost $50,000,000 and 
unless rain soon falls the entire 
grain crop of the great west will 
be a total loss. Later.— Fine rams 
have fell and cooled Kansas, 

: ,ecwl 

The drouth is so greathi Missouri 
that the governor has been pe- 
titioned to issue a proclamation 
calling for prayer for rain. How 
silly some people sre. The Crea- 
tor understands how to manage 
his own affairs and knows how to 
act without any suggestions from 
the people whatever. 

At El Retro on the first days 
registration for lands 4,013 names 
were entered— 193 women. The 
heat is intense but no serious suffer- 
ing has yet occurred. It is estima- 
ted that 100,000 people can regs 
ister before the 26th inst. , the last 
registration date. There are lands 
for 13,000 people. Cattlemen 
have been put on notice to leave 
the reservation. 

The Georgia Weekly Press As' 
sociation at Athens had a verj 
pleasant session. The officer* 
elected for the ensuing year are: 
W. S. Coleman (an old Dahlonegi 
college boy) of Cedartown, for 
president. First vice 
Edna Cain, Quitman 

For the best bar- 
gain ever offered in 
a mining proposition, 
which has passed all 
experimental stages. 
Keep an eye on this 



of J. 










, has 







the el 



•s. C 

xtchings an 




le forgotten 





3d OUt 






ing cle 


it to 



mi, ca 


won cle 

■s, When 

the 1 

■own 1 

n to 



it mo\ 

ed off 


cer woi 

k has 





and Ik 

fore n 




3 the stamp 



:p: ummm 

Work NEATLY Done. 
G. D. BRUCE, Gen, Manager 

" to jumounce 
To the public that he has a complete line of 

General Merchandise, 

Staple and ."Kaiicy Groceries, 
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Fusil eafs, . 
Sausage, Etc 


mill irooeries. 

. W. Bivens, Cordele; Secretery, 
\Y. A. Shackelford, Oglethorpe: 

Treasurer, J. W. Anderson, Gov- 

be completed and ready for the 
current to set it in motion. The 
starting of this plant attracted 
the attention of many of our citi- 
zens who went over to witness 
what they had never seen in this 
country, being the first time that 
electrical power has been intro- 
duced for the operating of gold 
mines in Lumpkin county. Really 
some couldn't be led to believe it. 
They didn't understand how lit- 
tle wires could transmit enough 
power fourteen miles to run all 
Miss this gigantic machinery. When 
Second vice the button was touched and a 

great big sluice off water found its 
way into the reservior on a moun- 
tain much higher than the city of 
Dahlonega all wonders ceased and 



"Dealers :iri 

lliip, (Metis, Toilet MM, 

Stationery, Etc. 




4g^=^< j ercliandise 
,v ^ AND 

^owEBtr-y ^Produce 



!oore Bros, 

Good turnouts can be had at any hour 


DAfjLONEGA, JULY 19, 1901. 

Don't you like the Nugget? If 
: not don't take it. 

The coolest thing in town 
•"•Matthews PopulnrFount." 

Mr. Rico Arrendale is very sick, 
■but wc trust that ho will soon re- 
. cover. 

Miss Leila Butt, of Blairsville, 
is over on a yisit to her sister Mrs. 
Frank Jones. 

A wagon sold here at public outs 
■cry last Friday for $1.50. All gets 
ting ready for the railroad. 

This way of calling eyery fellow 
who comes here pretending to be a 
•miner "Cap'en" makes us tired. ~£ 
We notice that some of the mem- 
bers take more interest in the bath 
house at Cane Creek falls tban they 
do in their church. 

We received as a birth day pres- 
ent last Friday — a nice rooking 
-chair. Now we can sit and rock 
-and sing of "that beautiful home 
over there." 

"Young" Fate Seabc It, of this 
county, charged with making 
'moonshine liquor, was up before 
'Com. Bakei Friday, but as there 
was not sufficient proof to convict 
he was discharged. 

Joseph Sparks has a stalk of 
corn in his garden measuring 
12 feet and four inches in length, 
W r hatiis the use of going away off 
to Oklahoma in search of a better 
productive country than Lump- 
'kin comity? 

We understand that a box sup- 
per was given in Gaddistown res 
eenlly in behalf of the Sunday- 
School teachers in that communi- 
ty. This is something new. In 
"Dahlonega there are generally 
more teachers than pupils, espe- 
cially in birds nest season. 

Ceo. Walker, who we mention- 
ed as getting into trouble with 
:6ome bullies of North Carolina last 
week, says that it is a joke about 
them making him dance and shoot- 
ing at them, but when the fellow 
•went to search his yalice he caus- 
ed a ground biscuit to got in its 

Mr. Jarrard loft for Oklahoma 
'this week in search of a bettor, 
home. Others in this county were 
-speaking of going but they back- 
ed out, which no doubt was a wise 
conclusion for the hardships to be 
endured in quest of this free land 
•are too great even if every one 
•could get a tract. 

The plates, at the Calhoun mine 
•were stolen, scraped and thrown 
■into the Chcstatee river Friday 
night. The thieves, three in minis 
■ber, were well acquainted from 
•all indications. Robt, Poston 
was in the mill but the pump made 
too much noise for him to hear 

The temperance program at the 
Methodist church lust Sunday even- 
ing was right ■ interesting and 
largely at (ended as usual, never- 
theless a temperance society in a 
"dry town" dose n't speak much;for 
the place. If all would live up to 
the rules of (he church there would 
bo no use of a temperance society. 

The publication of the article in 
reference to Terry Shelton, the 
hairless man of North Carolina, in 
■last weeks Nwqget has caused 
'much comment, some claiming 
'that it "was just newspaper talk," 
disbelieving it, thinking that there 
is no such a man in existence. It is 
certainly a fact. He is still 
alive and was seen by Ccorge W. 
Walker, of this county, no longer 
than week before last. 

A gentleman from Union county 
this week informed us that the 
members of Mt. Airy church re- 
cently passed a resolution not al- 
lowing a Methodist minister here- 
after to preach in their church. 
It seems that they do not care 
Whether anybody gets to heaven 
pnless they 

And still they come— new sub- 

Hot, hotter, hottest, and still 
getting warmer. 

Try "Matthews" Diarrhoea and 
Dysontary Remedy and be relieved. 

Mrs. Dayid Scaboll died in 
Chcstatee district last Saturday. 

The best way to keen cool' these 
hot days is to sit on ice and read 
the Nugget. 

"Matthews" Sarsaparilla res 
Hcves those tired feelings. §1.00 
bottle for 75^ cents. 

Corn sold at 80 cents per bu 
last week, being the lowest it 
sold at for some time. 

Stock and cattle powders tor sale 
by B. R. Meaders & Sons; Also 
chicken cholera aiediciue. 

Several more mining men have 
been here this week, all of whom 
seem to be very much interested. 

We received an order from Hab- 
ersham county the other day for a 
lot of blanks. This is the fruits of 

"Do you bclieye the railroad will 
be built'?'' is often asked us. We 
do. It is now in the hands of men 
who mean business. 

L. K. DOnavin, of .Columbus, 
O., who is interested in Crown 
Mountain mine, is in the city. 

I To tell you. that, people had been 

A heavy storm yisited a por, \ Aee ^ ug UQ( l er ab lanket in Pah- 
tion of Chcstatee district Tuesday j loneRa . la8t weok will t i 0l]b t!ess be 
leveling tree 

We have lost about 
within the past two v 
cholera certainly gets i: 

and damaging crops. | disbelieved by many, nevertheless 

» chic 


ens it is tri 


The public 

s of 

The blackberry crop is large. 
General Harden has been back 

If you desire 
taken call at Br 

Art Caller 
ire first class 
work at reasonable prices. 

T. J. Smith will interest you in 
the price of staple groceries. Call 
him and examine goods and 

Our health is improving causing 
us to feel as gay as a peaeoek. Wc 
feel grateful to both the Lord and 

Rev. J. E. Blackburn preached 
at Pleasant Ridgelast Sunday, and 
will also preach on the second 
Sunday m next month. 

We are indebted to Mr. and 
Mrs. B. R. Meaders for a nice 
valuable pen. Such an act of kind- 
ness will never be forgotten by us. 

We are informed that Rev. V. A. 
Higgins and Mrs. Christian 
fight down at Auraria tb< 
day. The lady threw rock 
fu lly but did no damage. 

Dr. Stow made a case 
little John Harbison for r 
bicycle on the side walk bu 
an investigation Mayor Pri 
eided that no law had been v 

county all commenced "last Monday 

any photographs ( morning. Teachers are poorly 

paid but maybe there is a better 

day coming. 

The tax receiver closed his books 
last Saturday. The most property 
returned by any party or company 
is the Consolidated Co., being $104, 


id Commissioners.— 

Yon ar 
lie roac 

e notifi 
s worl 

ed to haye the pub 
ed out according t 

at t 

John Huff, Ordinary. 
The bank in Dahlonega recently 
established by Mr. Crawford, seems 
to be receiving a very liberal pats 
ronage and is a great convenience 
to these having money. 

Tax receiver Healan says that 

he will t 
the ordii 

.; hi 



y and comptrolla 

at an 




on die 

home i 

i Cane 


ek dis 





husband and se 



to mourn her 



of olhei 


es ai 

id f ric 


work through with a vim. 
Snakes seem to be plentiful in 

this community. Tax receiver 

Healan informs us that he 


noticed where 13 had crossed the 

ding a 

road since the rain between Dah 

. after 

lonega and the two mile post on 

3e de- 

the Cooper Cap road. 

A cow belonging to Wm. Heals 

an, residing near the foot of the 

t her 

Blue Ridge was bitten by a snake 

t last 

the other day. She bawled like 

ves a 

she had been snapped by a dog. 
The cow didn't die but her milk 


tut nod perfectly yellow. 

On Monday morning of the first | 

Mrs. R. H. Webb is on a visit 
this week to Oakwood, Ga. 

Anderson & Jones are going to 
commence the erection of a busi- 
ness house first of next month. 

Students have already commencs 
ed making arrangements for rooms 
in which to meus this fall when the 
college opens. 

Capt. W. J. Worlcy is still se- 
curing rights of ways for the 
Gainesville and Dahlonega Electric 
line, and haying them recorded, I 
getting ready for business. 

ward of $5.00 will bo paid 
■for proof that will lead to the cons 
action of the parties that stole, 
craped and threw them into the 
Chestatee river, copper plates be- 
longing to the Calhoun Gold Mine. 

A civil right er was brought in 
from White county first of the 
week by Deputy Marshal Grizzle 
and carried before Commissioner 
Baker charged with violating the 
internal revenue law was acquited. 

Anderson & Jones are now 
ready to receiye bids for the erec- 
tion of a two story store building. 
See plans at their place of bnisis j 
ness. Work to begin Aug. 1st. I ] 
Will also receive bids for remov- 1 1 
ing a barn. 

The suit of Frank Murray vs. 
Howell & Miller, about the sfiriar j 1 
Patch property, which was to haye y 
been heard by Judge Estes at ( 
Gainesville this week, had to be , 
postponed on account of the sick- i 
f Mr. Murray. 

les A. London, one of Lump- j i 
kin's most highly respected citi- 1 
zens died near New Bridge last j \ 
Tuesday aged about 65. His suf- j 
ferings were great. The last 70 i 
days of his life he had a physician | ^ 
with him continuously. 

Occasionally you will sec a load j i 
of fodder come into Dahlonega c 
from White county, many miles . 
away, When wo get a railroad ! ., 
we will get to see many more til- f 
lers of the soil, not only from that | f 
county, but from many others. j l 

Wo under, 

A Big Fizzle. 

:i what kind of 


" " 

Better tlu\ 
meuts pc 
ijeaycn i 


i out 

all t 
r the 

ili hi 

We notice that the paper on the I 
wall of the Methodist church is j 
torn and hanging down in several 
places. Just a little paste and ten | 
minutes work would greatly im- J 
prove the looks of the building. 

John Thomaston & Son, well I 
known here, operating a bar out ■ 
at Jasper, and Lige Vandergriff, j.. 
a government distiller, and the 
gtfager; have all been arrested and j ' 
put pnder bond for blockading in ' 

? no such a | 
•nt later on 

:1 that Mrs. Rieb- 
ml Dowdy and Sarah Dowdy, two I 
jlucky females of Dowdytown had j 
i misunderstanding the other day j 
.vhich resulted in blows. All is j 
pmet at this writing and it may be 
ii any years before the citizens of j 
hat community are disturbed by 
mother occurrence of this kind. . I 
Quite a number of Lumpkin j 
:ounty hands are engaged at work | 
>vcr at Ducktown. There seems 
o be employment at that place for 


ish to 


Sargent a 

nd Ricke 

made a 

bond for 

the girls 

tory at 


"they fl 


The coi 



and deck! 

ed to giv 

more, and the wor 

c of exci 

has commenced. 

id i 

Capt. Asbury told us this week 
that both the 43rd and 52nd 
regiments of Confoderoto vets are 
preparing to rcune in Gainesville 
in August, exact date to be given 
hereafter. They often fought side 
by side in the army and their 
meeting again will bo a happy oc- 

A petition signed by several 
citizens of this county, living in 
the neighborhood of Bud Brackets 
was sent into the ordinary last 
ik asking that something be 
done for his family. It is alleged 
that the husband has abandoned his 
wife and children and they are 

j They will scomanyihimjsol inter- 
by coming down and staying 
| with us awhile. Very often ladies 
j plow them and make corn while 
j their husbands are out in the moun- 
! tains making liquor for medical 

| We don't know how the young 
ladies dormitory of the N. G. A. 
College is going to be run, but if it 
not managed differently to that of 
the boys there is no use of going 
to the expense of building it. The 
young men's dormitory last year 
was yaeated for some time. It is a 
hard matter for the board of trus- 
tees of the institution to be direct 
ly interested in the welfare of the 
dormitory when several of them 
board students themselves. 

While W. P. Price, Jr., was out 
at the falls bathing last Friday his 
it "exploded" in the presence of 
several ladies causing him to have 
o remain in the water until 
hilled through and through. This 
s about as bad. .i fix as wo got into 
■nee when v. : fell and tore the 




Prof. Wilber Colyin of Dahlone- 
ga has been selected as one of the 
three judges on thought and corns 
position for the national oratorical 
contest of the Intercollegiate Pro- 
hibition Association to be held at 
Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 1st and 2nd. 
That this is a very distinguished 
honor will bo appreciated when it 
is understood that this will be the 
largest and greatest intercollegiate 
oratorial contest ever held in the 
nation. There will be twelve 
contestants ropsesenting twelve 
states, and each of these contest is 
ross cut ; the DOnol . raan } n a state contest of 
lady and j r , ,f the best colleges 

but the smoke does not suit all 
who go and they return to Lumps 
kin where the atmosphere is per- 
fectly clear and bright. 

Will Coley was fined two and 
cost by Mayor Price last Tuesday 
for disorderly conduct the day pre- 
vious. In the mean time a man 
named Jackson swore out a wars 
rant against Coley charging him 
with drawing a pistol on him tho 
same day, who was bound over and 
required to give a bond for his ap- 
pearance at the next term of 
Lumpkin Superior Court. 

There seems to still be bad blood 
between H. L. Mote and Berry 
Porter who had a fight out in the 
country the other day. Mote 
hands us an article far publication 
but there are too much swearing 
in it to appear in print. He says 
that Berry didn't draw any knife 
on him but did try to hit him with 
a bottle. A number of blows 
seemed to be passed. Mote getting 
in several of them. 

Charlie Anderson col., a son of ! 
Prime Anderson, of this county, 
fell from one of the cotton facto- 
ries in Gainesville last Monday, 
killing him instantly. Hs was 
carrying up morter and his foot 
slipped and he tumbled off a dis- 
tance of 60 feet. An inquest was 
held and a verdict in accordance 
with these facts returned and the 
boy was brought back to his home a 
mile or so out in the country for 

eifey there whos< 
ally paved ^MM 

upkii. <■ 



d there. 
•eels are 1 
gold. Th 


And this one : 

"How about 
still being rim i 

and otherwise s 

the Onion Store ad. 
i the. Kltgget. The 
lercd it oat weeks ago 
evered its connection 

Resolutions of Lximp^yi 
County Teachers Institute, 

Dahlonega, Ga., July 12, 1901. 

We tho committee on resolutions 
submit the following: 

Resolved 1st, That the Institute 
is what we make it. 

Resolvod2nd, That the Institute 
has not had as full attendance du- 
ring this, session, as it should, but 
we should think it has accomplish- 
ed good to those attending, bv ex- 
hanging ideas, elevating our 
thoughts, putting new life and 
vigor into school work. 

Resolved 3rd, That we thank the 
citizens of the town who expressed 
enough sympathy for us- to visit 
the Institute. 

Resolye.d4th, That we thank and 
highly ,apprciatc the work and ef- 
forts of ,our friends who took part 
in our program. 

Resolved 5th, That we thank the 
Board of Education and especially 
Col. Price for the work they have 
done and are doing to adyance the 
work of education in Lumpkin 

Resolved 6th, That we appres 
ciate the untiring and persistant 
work of our most efficient commis- 
sioner, J. J. Seabolt, and that we 
especially appreciate his -instruct 
tions and courtesy during this ses- 
sion of the Institute. 

>lved-7th, That we heartily 
}o | j appreciate and endorse the work 
av- of our most efficient conductor, 

Prof. Wilber Colvin. 
or?s i Resolvediith, That we cspecial- 
hey ly tender our thanks to Prof, and 
■■on- Mrs. Gaillard for giving us their 
•S cs house for our entertainment. 
6 t0 Resolved 9th, That we the teach- 
ers of Lumpkin county believing 
-un! ! in, and appreciating the good work 
j ox tho lustitot request our Hon. 
l ia]] | Senator and Represenativo to sus- 
zen tain the law as it now exists, if 
the possible. 

his Resolved. 10th, That we ask 
not both of our county papers to print 
>er- these resolutions. 
aw ] C. Shultz, Chairman, 

V. A. Higgins, 
nt - i V..R. Hix, 

■J? W. L. Ash, 

, J Miss Mattie Higgins, 

>ot, Committee. 

do The Cherokee Advance has this 
for to say about Gen. Warner who has 
' a . recently located in Dahlonega: Gen. 
inv I Warner has been a resident of this 
vas county for several years engaged 
u all this time as General Manager 
and one of the principal owners of 
e ; ! ! j the old Cherokee mine which he 
has built up by his intelligent ef- 
to rank with the leading mines 
:\ . of the state as a gokl producer 
Jgg I and has shown himself eminently 
xi- qualified to take charge of such ex- 
KM tensive enterprises "as the Crown 
. (>s j Mountain Gold Mine, and the 
sL I building of an electric line from 
Gainesville to Dahlonega. While 
? a_ ! we claim Gen. Warner as a citizen 
d- of Cherokee, and know his mental 
';. i capacity and industiial worth, it is 
,,._ j a matter of pride that the great ins 
ile | dustrial interests of ether sections 
M , t . I appreciate his merits and demand 
to his personal supervision to push 
ses their enterprise. Such men as 
ck j Gen. Warner honor any section in 
which he may be placed and Geor- 
gia is proud tobaye his presence 
and co operation in her various in- 
dustrial pursuits. 

Mrs. Hines, of Chattanooga, 
Tenn. , is on a yisit to relatives at 
Hall's Villa, with the expectation 
of remaining a month or so. 

Bring us your photographs and 
have them framed nicely at a low 
price. A big lot of frames just 
received. Also some pretty brass 
curtain rods at 85c pair. 

B. R. Meaders & Sons. 

H. P. Stegall, of Emerson, Ga., 
was up a day or two this week. 
Mr. Stegall was telling us about 
two men being killed by lightning 
near his place Monday. They 
were returning to the house with 
hoes on their shoulders. 

The old Williams house built 
more than 50 years ago on the cols 
lege lot opposite the old Baptist 
church, is being torn away to give 
place for a more modern structnre 
to be used as a dormitory for the 
girls of the colJ -gc-. 

An article given advice to boys 
slates: "Get a reputation for lying 
or tricky prevarication and you're 
gone. Get it for a year, and it will 
stick to you for a lifetime." The 
above is literally true. By look- 
ing,, acting or telling one lie- to one 
person you lose bis confidence fori 
eyer. What he may tell others 
about you on account of that one 
lie may cause you the loss of the 
respect of many more. A' liar is 
forever checked ia everything. He 
can't get the confidence o-f anybody. 
He is the most contemptible crea- 
ture, God ever made. Of all the 
people in the world let us be 
thrown in the company of a liar 
last.- Ex. 

want a. modern, up-to- 
try Cftaroberlain's 

"When y 
date pay 

Stomach and Liver Tablets. They 
are easy to take nad pleasant in « 
effct. Frice,25 cents. Sample fi- 
at The Matthew's drug store. 

The meanest man out earth has 
been found. He deadheaded his 
five year old boy into the show the 
other night, and all through the 
performance lept pinching the 
boy so that he would stay awake 
and get his money's worth. 

A new and strange enterprise, 
such as has never before been un- 
dertaken in this country,, is con- 
templated in Massachuetts,. viz: a 
frog farm. Ten acres of land has 
been purchased, and they are now 
rapidly putting it in shape for the 
novel product they propose cnltis 
vating. This tract of land is ad- 
mirably suited for the purpose, as 
a stream of water passes through 
it. Artificial ponds of various 
limensions will be used in which 
to propogate these little animals, 

;nd as they grow will be changed 
from the smaller to the larger 
ponds. There seems to be a great 
demand in some states for frogs as 
an article of food, and also for 
them in the study of natural hiss 
tory and medical research, and the 

mpply is not sufficent for the de- 
mand. We don't think, however, 
that Eatonton would take much 
stock in such an enterprise.— Mes- 

Don't be guilty of going to At- 
lanta and paying cash for job work 
and then when haying any you 
wish to be done on a credit give 
it to your homo printers. 

A Good Cough Medicine. 

Many thousands have been restoi 
ed to health and happiness by the 
use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy 
If afflicted with any throat or 1 
trouble, give it a trial for it is < 
tain to prove beneficial. Coughs 
that have resisted all other treat- 
ment for years, have yielded to this 
remedy and perfect health been 
stored. Cases that seemed hopel 
that the climate of famous health 
resorts failed to benefit, have been 
permanently cured by its use. For 
sale by The Matthew's Drug Co. 

Mining & Milling Co, 

The Crown Mountain properties 
are situated in the very heait of the 
Georgia gold belt and is in the radi 
ting center of all the leading gold 
veins of the Dahlonega di 
They embrace what is believed to be 
the mother lode of the Appelachiar 

The extensive and rieh ore bod 
ies in sight upon these properties 
assure long continues mining op- 
erations and the indisputable guar- 
antee of the permanent and increas- 
ing value of the stock of "The 
Crown Mountain Co.' r 

The projectors of this company 
were the fl.-st to revive the mining 
interest in this district in 1896. 
After three years of eareM and ex- 
haustive examination of all th< 
mines of the district of repntaftior 
as gold producers, and they had the 
choice ©f »U, they selected th< 
Crown Mountain combination as tbt 
ideal gold mine of the district wMch 
would yieleV or produce the 
gold with the least expense: Fhis 
opinion is shown by all tl e mining 
engineers, raining experts, misers 
and citizens of any standing in the 
distriet who are familiar with the 
properties. As an evidence of thi 
we here state that moiv of the cit 
zens of the town of Dahlonega an 
vicinity have taken stock in thi 
company than have ia all the other 


combined that 

Hon. G. D. Bruice left last Fri- 
day for Oklahoma where he will 
remain about a couple of months 
before returning to Lumpkin. 
This will give him ample time to 
rest up and be ready for his legis- 
lative duties in the fall. 

Lemons, lemons, lemons at Mat* 

Bill Dotson, charged with mis- 
demeanor, was lodged in . jail 
Thursday afternoon of last week, 
haying forfeited his bond at the 
last term of Lumpkin Superior 

The Best Remedy for Stomach 
• and Bowel Troubles. 

"I have been in the drug business 
for twenty years and have sold most 
all of the proprietary medicines of 
any note. Among the entire list I 
have never found anything to equal 
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and 
Diarrhoea Remedy for all stomach 
and bowel troubles," savs O. W. 
Wakefield, of Columbus, G*a., "This 
remedy cured two severe cases of 
cholera morbus in my family and I 
have recommended and sold hun- 
dreds of bottles of it to my custo- 
mers to their entire satisfaction, Tt 
affords a quick and sure cure in a 
pleasant form." For sale by The 

Matthew's dri 

; Co. 

Hfe Yielded.' 

It was once usual for Highland 
shepherds to take their dogs into 
church and leave them outside the 
pews. Two shepherds at enmity 
sat on opposite sides of the asile 
one Sunday, and soon after the 
sermon began, the dogs^one a 
collie and the other not — seemed 
to enter into their masters' quar- 
rel. Tho shepherds egged on their 
dogs in undertones, and soon there 
was a real fight in progress. Most 
of those in the immediate neigh-, 
borhood craned their necks over 
the pews to see how the encounter 
was coming out, and not a few 
were standing up. Tho minister's 
patience was untimately exhausted, 
and so he called to his hearers and 

"Ah, weel, my bretherin, I see 
ye are more interested in the dog 
fight than in my sermon and so 1' 
close the buike— and I'll bet half a 
crown on the collie!"' — Waverly 

"Lime-ade," cool and refreshing 
at Matthews popular fount. 

The teachers, who had been at 
tending the Lumpkin county instr 
tute, were giving an entertainment 
on Thursday night of last week at 
the residence of Prof, and Mrs. 
B. P. Gaillard. It was a pleasant 
occasion and one long to be re- 
remembered by each and every one 
present. Both the Professor and 
his wife are great friends to edu- 
cation and neyer fail to lend a 
helping hand whenever an oppor' 
nity is offered. 


When the quantity of food taken 
is too large or the quality too rich 
heartburn is likely to follow, and 
especially so if the digestion has 
aeen weakened by constipation. Eat 
slow'y and not too freely of easily 
digested fool. Masticate the food 
thoroughly. Let six hours elaps 
between meals and when you feel a 
fullness and weight in the region of 
stomach after eating indicating that 
you have eaten too much, take 
of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver 
Tablets and the heartburn may be 
avoided. For sale by Ihe Mat- 
thew's durg store. 

Tate, Littlefleld & Co., 

Haye Opened Outla 







oragnized in this distriet. 

The company is to be managed by 
practical business men — who have. 
given much of their time to mining 
and mining operations, and always 
with' unvarying success. 

The present directory is for the 
most part composed of men ' 
have had much experience ii 
mining enterprises, and under its 
efficient and economical manage- 
ment, and by reason of a visible 
gold supply that is practically inex- 
haustible, an investment in the stock 
of this company is undoubtedly safe . 

The capitalization of the company 
is not commensurate with the visi- 
ble productiveness of the properties 
and is meagre compared with the 
eapi'talizflition ofother justly celebrat- 
ed mines- in the district, but the 
management believe it will be able to 
make the stock'worth above par. 
'_ We invite all' prospective inves- 
tors to make a personal inspection 
of the mines. We also invite them 
to' examine all the other mines in the 
district — compare the quality and 
quantity of the ore and the facilities 
for economically treating the same. 
We have no fears of where the choice 
will fall. 

Until further notice o'f advance in 
prices, the stock of this comp/inv 
will be sold at the mihim.'.m rate of 
65.00 per share. For futher infor- 
mation applv to J. F. or J. H. Moore, 
Dahlonega, Ga., or DonoVln tfe Mc- 
Cabe, 10 & 12 West Spring Street, 
Columbus, Ohio, or Gen. Warner, 
Marietta, Ohio 

|nj |j|ood6, jgfomihj |j|roeerie6, 

Farmers' Supplies, Produce, etc. 

T. S. Littlefield, Gen. Man, 

Good Teams, 
Careful Drivers, 

PROMPT and personal attention to all calls and transient feed-^ 
Call and we will be pleased to serve you> 

B JR, Meaders & Sons, 


jp®*** e 





gancij and Ptaplc 


Country produce of all kinds, Stationery 

and Notions at prices never before 

heard of in Dahlonega. 

SSPGive us a call. In Dahlonega Hotel Building. <a jg| 



MAKE no mistake! 
See that my head 
is on every package of 


you buy. It iguarantees 

its purity/. No coffee fe ^"^j) 1 ' 


unless it'ii;irra*f pound 
sealed packet with the 
head of a lion on the 
front. Then you get 
pure coffee — the highest 
grades for the money. 

Watch our next advertisement. 

Why has 


now become the leader 
of all package coffees? 
And why is it used in 
millions of homes ? 

Because it does not 
sail under false colors* 
It is an absolutely clean, 
pure coffee. No glazing, 
no coating with egg 
mixtures or chemicals 
in order to hide imper- 

Just try a package of 


and you will under- 
stand the reason: of its 

If* every package of LlOfJ COFFEE yoo-wifl find a. fully illustrated and descriptive 
list.' No housekeeper, in fact, no woman, man, boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article 
which will contribute to their happiness, comfort and convenience, and which they may have fey 
simply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from - the wrappers of our one pound sealed 
package* (which is the only form in which this excellent coffee is sold). 


c_ no £» ■HHUHIiE'C ^K- 

m £T 


First class 
respect nex. 
main stree 
ready to w 

by F 
, Ga. Terms 
: Any old mi 

M wanting a 
ve, hair cut 
. ou Hunter & 

barber sho 
t door to McG 

where they 
lit on you at ar 



1 r* s* 


^ ^*- 



3? ~^ 

? g. o 

r ^g^P^^WS^ fy 


. P IS 

!§<§ &1% 


Director & 

And Dealer in 






Dahlonega, Ga. 




The condition of the general health 
amoving or filling decayed teeth 
eans the removal of t/ie cause of; 
-uch disease. And the skilliul op. 

ation of 


has not only relieved pain but pro- 
longed life. An examination costs 
nothing, then \ 
tell \ 

rrc are in position to 
)rk will be necessaiy to put 

The Teeth; 

in perfect order.. We endeavor to 
save the natural teeth' and put our 
knowledge of dentestry to good use, 

Briidg^e "Works 

Our bridge-work is first class-.. 
Charges reasonable. 

j. a. geote; 


Keeping Everything: 



• ' 

.'■■■" . ----- . 

j^-j: - 


®tye I Jjtocp Mi jet 

-flood Advertising Medium, 

Devoted to Local, Mining and General Information. 

One Dollar Per Annum. 



■ W. B. TOWNSEND, Editor and Proprietor 

Friday the : 
10 o'clock, ; 
;«nee cifboni 




A Fl 


ho -side of the -first, but 
igh space be left to bury 
2en the two. 

hook -or crook, amis- 
1 when she visit* 
lemotery she found that 
buried side by side, 
no space betw 
"Well, sir, she didn't know what 
to do. She argued that if she 
should be buried by the side of her 
first husband it would not be fair 
to the memory of her last spouse, 
and vice versa. What did she do? 
Why, when she died she left a re- 
quest that she be buried in another 
lot, away from both of them. And 
it was heeded. — Louisville Cour- 
ier- Journal. 

I A teli 

he country has been in a most 
sperous condition sevaral years 
the war between labor and 
w going on is ruining it. 
n last week from Pitts- 
.., stated that the great 
•e was costing three com- 
10,000 per day, and the 
lose $156,000 in wages. 

ithin the 
are said 
ne of the 


Miss— My dear one i thougfc i 
wood try to rite you a few more 
Tins this morning tho i ani not 
■feting, lack writing just to tel the 
truth i am a shame to rite but i 
•cant keep from writing to you you 

no Miss i Wood lack very mutch 

■to sea you but i dont no when i 
■will get the chance of seaing you 
any more corse i "had rother sea 
you than any one in earth but i 
dont ges Miss it is your will to sea 
me i hope it is tho i remember one 
thing darling to ges you ar mad 
this morning i am in no good 

: number 
are putting in 
ce farmers in one 
for a dollar 
onth. Their instrument connects 
itfe the chief exchange, which is 
ost often located at the county 
iat. One fanner wants to talk 
to another; he calls up central,' 
which is in the town or village 
nearest him probably the -seat of 
the county and asks for the num- 
ber of his fellow farmer's instrus 
ment; this is speedly given him, 
and the two are free to talk on the 
subject of the day or about their 
own interests, as they please. But 
this is only one incident. I find 
that every evening the farming 
comunities use the telephone als 
most unremittingly. 


s growing t 



sold at 

IB cents each f 
. There is a j ] 
iieryillo that j i 
y year about j a 

his for fifty 
ranking and 
ie But that 

Times: Wc hope 
vo will introduce 
>rm text book bill, 
s are now new 
bought every 

heavy tax upon 

nothing. If we 
i a free school let 

if wo are to be 
rear buying new 

way with the so- 

ed upon which a memorial service 
should be held for the purpose of 
decorating the Confederate graves 
annually. The proposition met at 
once with the greatest favor, 
letter was addressed to each of tho 
chapters in other cities and towns 
suggesting similar action on then- 

These letter* were written in 
March, 1866, and from their publi- 
cation resulted the obseryance of 
April 26 as Memorial day for the 
Confederate dead in several south- 
ern states. — Mrs. V, Jeferson Da- 
vis in Woman's Home Companion. 

We are requested to publish the 
following by T. M. Elliott for Prof. 
Sharp: U A report is being widely 
circulated 'to the effect that Prof. 
J. A. Shaip has resigned the 
presidency of Young Harris Col- 
lege and has left the institution 
altogether. This report is works 
ing an injury to the school, as 
there arc some who hear of this 
report and are deciding not to re- 
turn m September, but otherwise 
would if thoy knew the true state 
of affairs. We would be greatly 
obligated to you if you would 
kindly mention in yonr valuable 
columns that the report is utterly 
false. Prof. Sharp is now ab- 
senct, but is working in the inters 
est of the school." 

A saloon wa 
of lightning i: 

day last week, 

wrecked by a bolt 
Birmingham one 
aid one man killed. 

The I Nugget,! 

BAHL0NEGAG4, JULY 26, 1901. 

a Dahlonega, Ga. 

1 order- 

'air test 


'■' n 


The soda trust has i 
price of soda oneshalf. 

Thos. E. Watson w 
few and go to lecturing 

"We keep on 

ntil it is teste< 


Gainesville is bnildi 
than any other city 

Minder, the tailor under sentence 
of death in Macon for murder is 
undertaking to cheat the gallows 
by starving himself to death. 

A negro- committed suicide at 
Columbus the other day by cutting 
his throat. It is something new to 
hear of a colored person this anx- 
ious to die. 

The day 

m.ont of ' 
regiment, i 

with the 
the 20tl 

pod here for i 
patented by 
president, wh 

nann, its 
n Monday 

.♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦» ♦ ♦» 

We Buy | 

,^ jzm 

its largest I 

"Lirne-a refresh | 

ing at Matthews popular fount. 

Last week lightning demolished 
a saloon in Birmingham, slightly 
damaged a chui-ch in Atlanta and 
knocked a few brick from the 
court house in Gainesville, besides 
doing other damages at various 
places in Georgia. 


At reduced- prices and- best bargains in town? 





siu;. 1 


s of wheat 

went up 

n fla 

ties i 

t G 

•eat Bend, 

Kans. on 



1 [St. 

The fire 

was caus 

id by 



nown man 





rcttc into a 

field of w 



Out in a Texas town a few days 
ago the local minister prayed for 
rain, and a storm came along and 
wrecked a church, which shows 
that when ministers pray for rain 
they ought to give specifications.— 
Eatonton Mesenger. 

ur-old lad. 

alhoun Jake Log- 1 
d Beck have struck some I 
rich ore, and Lornly and Keenan 
are doing well on their placer dig- 
gings, and Wharton Ander 
placer diggings continue rich, 

An occasional correspondent of 
the Mining Journal says that the 
four dredge boats within 30 miles 
of Dahlonega earn on an average 
of $10,000 per annum. This is a 
very good showing for these small 

H. L. Richardson, t 
deputy collector of ii 
nuo, with headquarter 
ville, has been transfe: 
ens, and has been s 
Gainesville by depu 
W. E. Crockett, of I 

\od State 


Not long since after Starling 
Cantrell's barn was destroyed by 
lightning and his horse killed tiear 
Gainesville, Col. Joe Underwood, 
being an old friend of Mr. Cantrell 
sent him 15.00. In one week after*. 
wards the Colonels barn was struck 
*by a bolt of lightning and his horse 

John Keith who went from Cher- 
okee county, Ga,, in 1850 a poor 
man is now worth oyer $l\0(>0, 000 
and gets an income -of $200 a clay 
on four oil wells. Before the dis- 
coyery of oil in Texas he had some 
surplus land which he offered for 
75 cents per- acre, but couldn't soil 
it. Since the discovery of oil he 
has sold it for $10,000 -per. acre. 






A .change made in the postal laws 
excludes many publications from 
second class matter. Publishers 
must get out a paper worth-its sub- 
scription price withbut offering 
various things as premiums if 
they desire to get the rates of post- 
age allowed second clays matter. 
This is right if a man can't get out 
a readable paper without offering 
such inducements- he should quit 
tire business. 

be dry season. 
At the Briar Patch Jack Nor- 

■ell and Author Miller are still 

noving along with their placer 
landling gravel that is j 
worth half a pennyweight to the j 
pan. John Norrell also has some | 
good placer diggings. 

"W. T. Bryson is doing some j 
work on the Keystone and is get- ; 
ting some good shows. Mr. Bry- 
son is among our oldest and best 
prospectors who is generally suc- 
cessful at every effort made. If 
he fads to find the gold it is ah- 1 
most useless for 'any one else to j 

Next Door Above Masonic EalLl 

:in:g &; other: uiew® 


Work NEATLY Done. 

G. D, BRUCE, Gen, Manager 

"Wishes to announce 
To the public that lie has a complete line of. 

General Merchandise, 

Staple and Fancy Groceries,, 
A Specialty. 


(Best Goods,- at the Lowest Prices in Towns. 

The child tabor bill will come 
up before the next Georgia legisla- 
ture asain this fait. Better en- 
courage them to- work instead of 
passing a law prohibiting it. There 
is too much idleness among _ many 
of them already. Hundreds of 
parents in this state refuse to 
send their children to school now 
and if this bill becomes a law the 
already large idle number of chil- 
dren will be greatly increased urts 
Ites we have compu'.sovj- .-duea- 

chased the Smith 
power near Rock 

We Want To Win! 

We arc headed for the 
goal of your approval. 

For the best bar- 
gain ever offered in 
a mining proposition, 
which has passed all 
experimental stages. 
Keep an eye on this 

We'd like to hi 
to erive us a ch 
win your patrona 
have the most c 
stock, and we kei 
ing to the front, 
win, of course; w 
help us? 

e. Wc 
- mplete 

Using the wa- 
distance bring- 


gether with rights-of-' 

property was over $10 
sonville Advertiser. 


J. H. Moore, 


Sausage, Ek 


Family taries. 

2. M, 

-DEA'LElt IX— 

Dealers' in 

;:;: ; p otx. 'Mi tm. 

Stationery, Etc 




Country- Produce 








I Good turnouts can be had at any hour, 

The I Nugg et. 

DArjLONEGA, iULY 26, 1001. 

We keep all kinds of 
sec mentioned eisewhor 

The coolest thing 
"Matthews PbpularFoi 

The Nugget does m 
offer any brass finger 
gold as premiums to ii 
pie to hike it. 

F. J. Williams, of G 
has locate 
Run, Ga. 
low, full « 
welcome ! 

There v 

ws" Diarrhoea and 
j'edy and be relieved. 

ladies arc now busy 
anned berries for 

licves thot 
bottle for 

in Lumpki 
Fulton is a 

life and i 

m i Dal 

near Two * ' 

id to be about fifteen 
applicants for the janitors place 
of.tho college recently made ras 
cant on account of Henjy Johnson 
resigning. Al Roberts was 

The prospect for a good corn 
crop in this section is very prom- 
ising. Jap Williams upon his res 
• turn f?om Union county informed 
us last week that the same could 
be said of that section, 
it was Henry Thomaston, and 

which was mentioned in last weeks ; 1D (!l 
paper. He is a brother to Henry | Vlvc] 
but neither makes, drinks or sells 

lightning damaged the tele- 
phone line during the storm on 
Thursday night of last week be- 
tween Murrayvillc and the Ctrat- 
taaooeheo bridge so that it cut of! 
all communication between Dabs 
lonega and Gainesville on Friday. 

Look at the date on your paper 

and renew when your subscription > 


Wc look 
J breeches to 
| of the recen 
ment work 
other cities. 

:adcr.s, ot Swainsbor 
w with his family 
who came on some 

t discovery of oi! gush- 
ana other, places caus- 
ae in the price of oil in 
It is still 20 cents per 

foi our next pair of 
;orae higher on account 

: strike of 67,000 gar- 
er3 in Xcw York and 

Gen. Murray, president of the 
G. & D. Electric Railway Co., is 
expected Monday or Tuesday. It 
is said that they have already a 
place to sell the bonds as soon as 

Bring us yonr photographs and 
have them framed nicely at. a low 
price. " A big lot of frames, just 
receiyed. Also some pretty brass 
curtain rods at 35c pair. 

. B. R. Meadbrs & Sons. 
Mr. VanVlcck, who is interested 
in dredge- mining in the Chestatee 
after an absence for some 
n California and other places 
has returned and was in the city 
Tuesday for the first time since his 

If yon get a copy of the Semi- 
Weekly Atlanta Journal look over 
it carefully and you desire to 
take it send us $1.50 and you will 
ie Nugget twelye 
.re already taking 
Journal will only 

get both 

expires. We m 
getting their pa 
them but will 

u. Tho; 
the Dah- 

uys that 1 
r three . t 
3 ft here, 


mil finds 

man drunk so much Po 

jail where he was i 
less condition by 
and carried to his 
morning he had to 
until a friend eoule 
clothes. The little cotton breech- 
es arc so short that they look like 
some the ladies bathe in out at the 

. Wood 


The pillars for the bridge over 
Chestatee at Neisler's ford will 
soon be -ready for the contractors 
to perform their work. 

Homer Castleberry, who. has 
been engaged in the insurance bus- 
iness at Birmingham is here on 
a visit to his relatives and will 
likely remain most of the sum- 

A Dawson bounty young man 
made application the other day 
to Judge Huff for marriage license 
to enable him to wed a young la- 
dy residing in the same county but 
he didn't get them. 

We noticed the appearance of 
E. D. Morris, of Washington City, 
in Dahlonega last week, visit- 
iog his wife's relatives. Mr'. Mor- 
ris now has a position in the gov- 
ernment printing office. 

Just received another shipnn 
.11 sizes and grades. C 
i show- them to you. [1 
member that our spring dry goc 
are going at prices that will 
tonish you. We are going to s 
them at some price. 

Frank L. Reese. 


Saturday at $2.-1-0 per hundred 
( and on Monday at $1.90. 
J Rev. Mr. O'Kelly, pastor of the 
i Baptist church at Dahlonega, be- 
came quite ill while up in the coun- 
try last Sunday, but is up again 
and about recovered. 

The directors of the Gainesv 
and Dahlonega Electric Co. hi 
a meeting next Friday, the 2nd of 
August in Dahlonega. Then bonds 
1 will be ordered issued and put on 
| the market for the purpose of rais- 
{ sing the money to construct the 
! road 

| Mr. Chas. Hope, of Gainesville, 
I was wedded to Miss Flossie Lons 
J don, at the residence of the bride's 
j father, Mr. Merrett M. Lon- 
don, in this county, on Sunday last 
by Rcy. Wallace Rogers. May 
t prosperity and happiness ever ats 
tend them. 

e not com- 

:ipated for 

that some 

gent list haye 


ains that be 
inch to thee 

Judge Ragan, of the Flint cir- 
cuit was among the visitors at 
Hall's Villa last week. 

Mrs. J. S.Stewart and children, 
after an absence of several weeks 
from tho city, returned home last 

Maybe while some of our min- 
ers arc sinking deep shafts here in 
search of gold they will come 
across a gusher of oil. 

If you are'dn search of a place 
where people arc undisturbed by 
heat during the night, conic to 
Dahlonega and take a good rest. 

President Stewart informed us 
that the indications are that the. 
attendance of the fall session of the 
N. G. A. College will be very 

'he city council has dec 
id $25 on the street bet' 
Vhslchel and W. H. M 
s to cut down tho hill s< 

■ tin 



W. T. Bryson, of Martin's Ford 
district has just put a lot of fish 
baskets into the Chestatee river en- 
abling him to catch ail the fish he 

s of a night while he 

r the 


: an;-; 



for years 

111 who 



same time living with a 
who he has abandoned, 1 
lot uf illegitimate child: 
asking for assistance fi 


Fed ins. 

other day while II< 

I The pension clain 

! ing in as fast as we 
| this county. It is . 
I who were on the inc 

got able to work and will not lili 
j iy call on the state for any assis- 
I tance unless they become disabled 
, or yet out of a job again. 
| Your attention is directed to tho 
I advertisement of the Dahlonega 

Bank. Messrs. J. H.Crawford is 
and W B. Crawford 
j cashier. A haul: is a great eonvc- 
any place. Many of you I 
| have been wishing for one a long! 
I time now lend it your aid and en— 


! John Stringer told us last Mon- j 
j day while in Dahlonega, that he j 
intend going and make an efs J 
t to get some of the lands at j 
lahoma, but after studying over j 
matter decided that he would j 
lain in oldLTunpkinfor a whil 
ger at least. No doubt it is i 
>d decision of Mr. Sttinger ane 


When John Barker stepped on a 
big snake near Moore's stable Sat- 
urday night he jumped farther 
than any person heretofore found 
in this country. 

Mr. and M 
and daughter, of 
the city where they 
some weeks probab 
is a sister of M: 


ill remain foi 
. Mrs. Col 
. B. R. Mead 

Years ago there was a tannery 
in Dahlonega and several others in 
the county. Now there is not a sin - 
gle one. It looks to us like this is an 
industry that would ii 
oiio enough to cause them to es- 
tablish at least one at some place 
in the county. 

At the annual session of the 
board of trustees of the N. G. A. 
Coiicge on the 10th inst., Col. O. 
J. Lilly and R. C. Headers, of 
Dahlonega, were elected as mem- 
bers of the board to fill the places 
of F. L. Haraldson, of Atlanta, 
and J. W. Woodward, of Dahlon- 

made public in the newspapers 
about the secret marriage of John 
L. Hasty to Miss Jennie Byers, 
two students who attended the last 
session of the N. G. A. College, 
some of their special friends 
couldn't still believe it, but when a 
certain person came the other day 
and was shown the records where 
they were wedded on the 2ith day 
of February, 1901, by Rev. Wallace 
Rogers, of Dahlonega, then he was 

We have receiyed a letter from 
H. S. Bracket in reply to what 
was said last week in reference to 
a petition being sent to the ordina- 
ry asking that something bo done 
with his children who claimed that 
they were suffering, asking that 
we ex-plain it so as to throw a dif- 
ferent light on the subject, but we 
don't know that we. can help him 
o,ut any as tho petition Was made 
in behalf of bis children. This he 
does not deny . He say that he got 
into trouble with a certain woman 
some years ago and that his attor- 
ney advised him to marry her, 
having witnesses to. prove that he 
was not to live with her agreeing 
ibme | to give just such help as he was 
able. Well, no doubt this is cor* 
rect, but if these children become 
chargablc to the county he will 
haye to stand to the rack fodder 
or no fodder, matters not what 
agreement was entered into, or 
whether he lives with the woman or 
not. The ordinary says that he 
will take no steps to punish 
him, but the grand jury no doubt 

ey ten 

red i 

number of \ 



! T- 

uud in 

a help- 



•em a in 

in bed 

buy hi 

in some 



we are enjoying good rams a 
pleasant weather tho southwest is 
scorching with heat, thermometer 
ranging from 100 to 108 and in the 
streets of some of tho cities 128.. 
Let us be thankful for being bless- 
ed with such a delighful country 


ar.ds the Blue 


ed on-' 

some one owes him somewhere in 
this county he thinks but can't tell 
where they live. He is pretty old 
' to be taking useless trips so far 
away from home, yet ho says that 
he- walked 30- miles tin 
Since ho has returned 

school teachers will be paid 
more mone3'. An itemized 
;.' of the State School Corn- 
el shows that there is a baB 

n tho treasury of $22,22S 

will be distributed to the 

that counties to which the state owes 

' money. Lumpkins is $171,90. This 

is a small amount-but it will help 

We notice where a New Jersey 
•readier is serving- free lunches to 
he .congregation during the sum- 
ne.r to induce people to attend. 
me ministers hero are too 
loorlypaid to do anything of this 
:ind, but as the people of Dah- 
!g that 

lonega are so fond of 
some of them, go away 
Creek falls two or tin 

ut to Cai 



1 tii 

nights a 

Not mi 

•neighbors house and found his 
wife sitting in another man, lap. 
It didn't make him mad. If it did 
he said nothing about it, for he res 
turned without molesting- or 
speaking to either, and she went 
■ pleasure and both arc 
aider the same roof ap- 

honic at h 
still livinc 



nappy : 

'reed to 

they were 
oyo and 

flic mincf 
boy not 1 

iscd hi 
mt if he 

There are differences of opinion J c f 
about Melius Goudlocks condition,, 
who was shot the other night, so 
much so that seyeral bets haye 
been made. Some think that he 
will die while others say that ho is 
too mean to go. Watches, boxes 
arid even several quarts 
'■r: lienor have been put upon it by 
different parties. 

Noth withstanding many of the 
present streets need work R. F. 
Whelchel has been ordered to 
move his fence and open one out 
m front of his house through his 
lot so person:', averaging cno a 
day, can travel that way in tho di- 
rection of Crane's Hill. Wc have 
streets a plenty unless the present 
ones wore worked better- and we 
had more people to travel them. 

The Nugget seems to be a pow- 
er. Mr. Brcymann, V. P. of the 
Consolidated Company the other 
day tried to make it appear that 
it had caused that mine to shut 
down or about so. 
members of this cor 
in both White and E 
ties and tho Dawson 
suspended about the 

c hurches it 

would cause them 

to have a lars 

er attendance. 

We notice 

when any college 

etter heads a 

re wanted they are 

ordered fron 

i Atlanta in large 

juantities, ^ 

hen they could be 

executed in 

Dahlonega just as 

good and e.her 

p. But when any 

little job is ii 

;eded of two or three 

iundred a nif 

n is sent round to 

the home offi 

es to see which one 

will do it the 

cheapest. If we 

can't get the 

cream we don't care 

to take the cl 

ibber. So send it 

ill off to Ath 

nta to parties who 

never raise th 

air voices in behalf of 

the college m 

less they are paid to 

do so with bll 

t few exceptions. 

Last Satur 

lay night while two 

young men w 

jre out on the Coop- 

er Gap road i 

ear town they heard 

sorm person 

s coming down tilt 

highway at < 

ouble quick speed. 

daugh te> 

ome of the Gaine9 ; 
pany mined 

ounty mine 

no the Con 

tie sa 



On inst Sunday while Rey. John 
Rider was making his way to 
[ church in Hightower district he 
was caWed upon by a Mr. Dispain 
and Miss Mattie Lingerfeltto make 
them man and wife. The request 
was complied with right in the 
middle of the road while the sun 
was beaming down at its hottest 
and great drops of sweat was fal- 
ling from their brows like dew 
drops giving way to the mornings 
sun. Notwithstanding all this they 
went away feeling just as happy 
as if they had been wedded in a 
beautiful decorated church to the 
tune of the wedding inarch. 

Last Saturday tho following per- 
sons were each served with a notice 
from the city authorities to move 
their fences on tho line of the Hall 
survey, the one adopted, by the 
10th day of August, otherwise they 
would bo moved by the marshal at 
their expense: B. F. Anderson, 
Steven Rice, Charles McAfee, J. 
F. Moore, M. F. Whelchel, W. H. 
C. Tate & Sons and W. Ii. McAfee. 
Some of the parties claim that 
they arc already on the lino while 
others assort that they have never 
been paid for the land necessary 
for such change. A portion of 
them will carry the matter to the 
• nperior Court. 

rhe wedding of Miss Lillian F. 
I! !, of Gainesville, and Mr. Will 
F. Worley, of Dahlonega, was sols 
etnnized at the residence of the 
bride's sister, Mrs. Gilmore, at 
Gainesville, Ga., Sunday evening 
July 21st. The ceremony being 
performed by Rev. Mr. Simpson 
in a beautiful and impressive man- 
ner. The bride is the youngest 
daughter of the late Rev. W. B. 
Bell, and is well and favorably 
Known in this community. Mr. 
Worley is a young business man 
of Dahlonega, where he was born 
and reared. The happy couple 
will make Dahlonega their future 
homo where they have many 
friends who, with the Nugget, 




nted little fellow. 

the appear a nc 
city. An orchestra from Atlanta 
is furnishing music for tho season, 
and those there' for pleasure ins 
stead of health, arc having a real 
nice time. 

Two loads of South Georgia 
melons were brought up to Dah- 
lonega last week from Gainesville, 
the first of the season for this mar- 
ket, but they looked two old to 
sell well. After remaining on the 
square a portion of two days one 
man carried his load back or out of 
town, while tho other disposed of 
his to a merchant at a very low 

A man was telling ns last week 
ofa'certain person in this county 
who is drawing a U. S. pension 
having witnesses that were born 
after the war. If this be true it 
should be discontinued. Uncle 
Sam has plenty of money but 
none should receive any of if unless 
entitled, yet some are drawing 
money that are no more entitled 
than we are, and we are certain 
that we have no claim. 

Undoubtedly Dahlonega has the 
cheapest lot of organs and pianos 
in Georgia, other musical instrus 
ments being worth nothing judgs 
ing from the last tax returns made 
by many owning them. And it is 
the same way by the merchandise 
owned by merchants and many oth- 
er things we could mention. The 
city council met the other day to 
adjust the matter but found so 
many in the same channel that they 
decided to let it go. 

Mr. Breyman, vice-president of 
the Consolidated Co., arrived this 
week but brings no encouraging 
news. The mine suspended again 
Wednesday for lack of dynamite. 
No one has taken the bonds yet. 
The present or past management 
has given the mine a black eye. 
The idea of spending all the mon- 
ey they had to build a 120 stamp 
mill and chlorination plant and 
now want to borrow means to de- 
velop tho property with is redic- 

On last Saturday morning be- 
tween the hours of one and two 
o'clock Melius Goudtock was shot 
in the icft breast by Will- Wright, 
both colored, in the stable of 
Moore Bros. Ben Elrod, another 
negro, was in the stable at the 
time but claims to know but little 
about the difficulty, stating that 
they were quarreling over 15 cents, 
when he went to sleep and he knew 
nothing more until he heard the 
report of the pistol and Nelius 
told him that he was shot and to 
go for a physician. Drs. Whelchel 
and Head were soon present who 
found that a ball from a 38 caliber 
had entered near the nipple of his 
loft breast and came out below the 
shoulder blade about two inches 
from the back bone, being a very 
dangerous shot likely to produce 
death. Nelius has but little to say 
about it, but it is supposed that 
they were playing cards— some 
think that all three were-- causing 
the whole trouble. Marshal Har- 
bison and Sheriff Davis were noti- 
fied who searched every nook and 
corner for Wright, but no where 
could ho be found. After day- 
light Sheriff Davis gained enough 
information to lead him to believe 
the negro had gone in the direction 
of Lula, and in company with Will 
Rice left in persuit. They had not 
gone but a few miles until they 
found that they were on the right 
track and followed on until he was 
discoverd at George Bowens, 21 
miles from Dahlonega, getting a 
lunch where he was arrested with- 
out any trouble and brought back 
and lodged in jail. Wright said 
he had to do what he did in order 
to save himself. This may be the 
case as wo understand that Nelius 
said if Wright hadn't shot him 
when he did he would have got him. 
Wright was brought out before 
Esquire Allen on Monday who 
postponed the investigation until 
further developments. Nelius is a 
Lumpkin county negro who is yet 
in his teens and is looked upon as 
being a bad boy. The other ne- 
gro came here about a ..ear ago, 
is a good worker and has been con- 
ducting himself all right as far as 
we know, not being of age either, 


War Will Continue. 

A recent dispatch says: Cap- 
tain D. F' Allen, of Frankfort, 
commanding Co. I, 3Sth United 
States Volunteers, that returned 
home a few days ago, said today 
that the Pmfjpine insurrection will 
-continue. lie bleievcs the United 
States will eventually have to with- 
draw from the Philippines. ■ 

Captain Allen believes Aguinaldo 
would lake the first opportunity to 
make bis escape and get out into 
the mountains. He believes Agui- 
naido is just as much an insur rector 
as he ever was, Captain Allen was 
democratic candidate for congress 
last year against Congressman 
Landis, the race being made for 
him by his friends while he was 
serving in the Philipincs. 

When you want a modern, up-to 
date physic, try Chamberlain's 
Stomach and Liver Tablets. They 
are easy to take nad pleasant in ef- 
effet. Price,25 cents. Sample free 
at The Matthew's drug store. 

Almost Beheaded. 

From Chicago— Although his 

head is almost torn from the body, 
Joseph Burdick is still alive, fur- 
nishing, it is said, one of the 
most remarkable cases known to 
physicians. Burdick's head was 
all hut taken off by a huge piece of 
metal which fell across his neck 
yesterday. The trache and larynx 

cry i 

Printers in Prison, 

living along the lines they traverse 

Indiana s 

to make purchases' in cities, towns 
or villages through which they 

gan City, 
new unde 

may pass. The carrier, as a rule, 

den Shid- 

drives a horse and buggy or wagon, 

derson, f 

and is thus able to carry his pur- 

ter, will 

chase back to his patrons 


wore completely torn away. By J arrangment has proved a great 
some fortune his neck was not | convenience to people living in the 
broken, nor were jugular vein and j remote districts along tho route, 
caroled, artery injured, although | and the postman has been able to 
both were fully exposed where the : eke out his small salary. Every- 
flesh had been torn away. Burdick j thing has worked smoothly up to 
was promptly operated upon and j the present; in fact, the ways may 
equipped with a dovice for breath- j be said to have boon brought home 
ing which projects from the throat f to the department that the thing 
just above the colar bone. 

In New Jersey the other day fif- 
ty Italian laborers, engaged in 
making an excavation, went on a 
strike because their employers 
would not furnish them with gum 
boots, lemonade and half hour's 
rest in the middle of the day.— Ex. 

The estimating cost of killing a 
Boer by tho British government is 

A Good Cough Medicine. 
Many thousands have been restor 
cd to health and happiness by the 
use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy 
Ifalllicted with any throat or lung 
trouble, give it a trial for it is cer- 
tain to prove beneficial. Coughs 
;liat have resisted all other treat- 
I for years, have yielded to this 
remedy and per fVct health been re- 
stored. Cases that seemed hopeless, 
that the climate of famous health 
resorts failed to benefit, have been 
permanently cured by its use. 
sale by The Matthew's Drug Co. 

\ Mining k Milling Co, 

The Crown Mountain properties 
are situated in the very heart of the 
Georgia gold belt and is in the radia.- 
ting center of all the leading gold 
veins of the Dahlonega district. 
They embrace what is believed to be 
the mother lode of tho Appelachian 

The extensive and rich ore bod- 
ies in sight upon these properties 
assure long continues mining op- 
erations and the indisputable guar- 
antee of the permanent and increas- 
ing value of the stock of "The 
Crown Mountain Co." 

The projectors of this company 
were the fli'st to revive the mining 
interest in this district in 1896. 
After three years of careful and ex- 
haustive examination of all the 
mines of the district of reputation 
as gold producers, and they had the 
choice of all, they selected the 
Crown Mountain combination as the 
ideal gold mine of the district which 
would yield or produce the most 
gold with the least expense. This 
opinion is shown by all tl e mining 
engineers, mining experts, miners 
and citizens of any standing in the 
district who are familiar with the 
properties. As an evidence of this 
we here state that moiv of the citi- 
zens of the town of Dahlonega and 
vicinity have taken stock in this 
company than have in all the other 
companies combined that have 
oragnized in this district. 

The company is to be managed by 
practical business men — who have 
given much of their time to mining 
and mining operations, and always 
with unvarying success. 

The present directory is for the 
most part composed of men who 
have had much experience in the 
mining enterprises, and under its 
efficient and economical manage- 
ment, and by reason of a visible 
gold supply that is practically inex- 
haustible, an investment in the stock 
of this company is undoubtedly safe. 

The capitalization of the company 
is not commensurate with the visi- 
ble productiveness of the properties 
and is meagre compared with the 
capitalization ofothcr justly celebrat- 
ed mines in the district, but the 
management believe it will be able to 
make "the stock worth above par. 

We invito all prospective inves- 
tors to make a personal inspection 
of the mines. We also invite them 
to examine all the other mines in the 
district — compare the quality and 
quantity of the ore and the facilities 
for economically treating tho same. 
We have no fears of where the choice 
will fall. 

Address J. F. or J. H, Moore, 
Dahlonega, Ga.,or Donovin & Mc- 
Cabe, 10 & 12 West Spring Street, 
Columbus, Ohio, or Gen. Warner, 
Marietta, Ohio 

The wife of a Methodist minister 
in West Virginia has been married 
three times. Her maiden name 
was Partridge; her first husband 
named Robin; her second 
Sparrow, and the present one's 
name is Quayle. There are now 
two young Robins, one Sparrow 
and three little Quayles. One 
grandfather is a Swan and another 
was a Jay, but, he's dead and now 
a bird of paradise. They live on 
Hawk avanue, Egleville, Canary 
Island, and the felllo w who wrote 
the above is a lyre bird, an inter- 
ested relative of the family. — Mari- 
etta Journal. 

Gold has been discovered 
Wilkes county, Ga., rccentl 
causing much excitement. 

has been overdone; at least, in some 
quarters. In a number of dis- 
tricts m the west and Pennsylvania, 
where prohibition is in vogue, 
the carrier have been in the habit 
of buying liquor in the next county 
and taking it back with them. This 
practice the temperance people 
think is altogether out of line with 
the carrier's duties, and the post- 
master genera! agrees with them. 
The department has had no rule 
against transaction of the sort, but 
in future they will have to be stop- 
ped, and the tipplers will have to 
look elsewhere than to the postman 
for their liquor. This rule will be 
strictly enforced by the depart 
ment. and any contra- vention will 
cost the mail carrier his job, 
Georgia Cracker. 

The Best Remedy for S 

and Bowel Troubles'. 

"I have been in the drug h 

for twenty' years and have so 

"of the proprietary medic 

ny note, 

Diarrhoea Remedy 
and bowel troub: 
Wakelieid, ofColui 

i' found anything to 

j Evidence of oil has been found 
| in Sumter county, eight miles of 
i j Americus, so it is reported. 

s Heartburn, 

t j When the quantity of food taken 
f ] is too large or the quality too r 
I j heartburn is likely' to follow, 
1 | especially so if the digestion 

i ! slowJy and not too freely of on 



The One Day Cold Cm 

Kermott's Chocolates Laxative o 
cold in the head and sore throat. Chi 
them like candy. 

dreds of bottles 
mors to their ent 

pleasant form." 
Matthew's drug 

- j you have es 
t I of Chamberl 
a j Tablets and 

indicating that 

Haye Opened Out a 




|||ru. ||§ooda, family |j|rocerie6. 

Farmers' Supplies, Produce, etc. 


Good Teams, 

Careful Drivers, 

|ROMPT and personal attention to all calls and transient feed-, 
ing. Call and we will be pleased to serve you. 

B. B- Headers Sd Rons- 



Ifanctj and ptaple 

fi SUES, 

Country produce of all kinds, Stationery 

and Notions at prices never before 

heard of in Dahlonega, 

l»"Give us a call. In Dahlonega Hotel Building 

II probably have the go hers 
al oycrsight of the publication. 

The paper would haye been 
issued before this hut for the 
action of tho pardoning hoard 
recently, when most of the pri ;o- 
ncrs selected to do the work were 
paroled,' A new staff unci m-echaiu- 
bou.t been comple- 
ted, however, many of them being 
life men, who stands little show of 
quitting the paper,. 

Only that portion of the news of 
the outside world will be publish- 
ed which the censors consider will 
letrimental to tho morals 
and discipline of tho institution. 
The belief of the prison autorities 
is that the issuing of a daily paper 
will not only give employment to 
numbers of the men, 
means of recreation for tho f 

■State Treasurer Park is authori- 
ty for the statement that there is 
in Southwest Georgia 
who has deposited in a certain state 
bank $13,000, the proceeds of her 
last year's cotton crop. 


tas not only relieved pain but pro- 
onged life'. An examination costs 
LOthing, then we are in position to 
,|| % tell work will be necessary to put 

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Bridge "Work 

Qur bridge work is first class. 
Charges reasonable. 

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